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If sex is like opening a present on Christmas morn, then what sort of present opener are you?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12075points) February 20th, 2010

Are you the type who simply tears into gifts? Do you prefer to open your gifts alone? Do you open your gifts in a tedious manner, preserving the wrapping paper?

What sort of person would you prefer to have opening gifts with you?

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I like to watch other people open their gifts first and save mine for last…

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I usually open my presents slowly while feeling up the wrapping. I also make sure to read the card first too.

So…something sexy I’m sure…

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I first wait for others to open theirs.

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First, I take off the bow. Gotta lose the bow.

Then I like to take off the ribbon real slow and stylishly. Get that ribbon off. But gracefully.

Once that’s done with, it’s time to tear open that wrapping paper. Quickly, but not too quickly. And not too slowly either. In the middle. Once I get closer to opening the gift, though, I tear the paper faster and faster until YAY! Presents!

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Now that I think about it there are always those are to open presents, so every now and then I take out a knife and help it off by cutting the rippon or tight tight paper. Or just rub up and down the paper until you can hear it rip and then peel it off the present.

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I like to slowly open my gifts =)

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This really depends on what we were doing before I am handed the gift, where we are at and who we are with or around.
You can’t open every gift the same way.

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If all he’s wearing is a bow I don’t bother removing it :)

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Not in front of the kids please.

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Take my time opening it but rush at the end because someone came home.

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I prefer to take my time—and if I get any presents, open them last. I really enjoy other people’s pleasure at their presents. That makes me feel better than opening mine, I think.

But, of course, it has to be this way. I tend to quickly fall asleep after I open my presents. ;-)

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NINTENDO 64!!!!@#$

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@ucme : Bow me :)

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I’ve already eaten thanks ;¬}

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I tear into mine and I like a wild maniac that never says says thank you!

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but the real question is, if you don’t like it, do you pretend to like it until the person who gave it to you is gone, like that awful sweater Aunt Girt knitted you that you put on whenever she comes over, or do you run to the store to exchange it or sell it on eBay?

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@candide No, you just regift it :D:D:D

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I like to open presents on the beach. And the roof. And I like a lot of presents.

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I open them the night before.

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I wish I can have all my presents right away without having to wait for ‘em and I certainly don’t need ‘em wrapped.

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I open my one present slowly but deliberately, being careful not to damage it. since it will have to last me at least another 12 months, maybe longer

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I only get a present at Xmas.

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The more sensuous the wrapping, the more leisurely and appreciatively I unwrap the gift.
I like to savour the whole experience.

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Heh…. I suppose it is in a way. Although I open my presents in the exact opposite way I approach sex. I tear my way through wrapping paper to get at the goodies beneath!


I’m the kind who likes to open my Christmas present slowly, savoring every minute, the smoothness of the gift wrap paper, the sensuous texture of the bow and ribbons, and the hard edges of the box. When I finally get inside, I don’t think anymore. I don’t concentrate. I just let go and enjoy it to the extreme. Lol.

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