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If you could have any single thing featured in a movie or game, what would you pick?

Asked by Nullo (21944points) February 20th, 2010

The Master Chief’s armor. KITT. The gravity gun from Half-Life 2. Doc Brown’s time-travelling DeLorean. Whatever. But you can’t have more than one: no lightsaber for the Chief, for instance.

We’re assuming that you get an unlimited amount of whatever secondary things that make your primary thing work; power packs and such.

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A Gundam Gundam series
Excalibur just about every kind of media
4th plot wall in every movie, show, game, etc that did not make any sense…
Companion Cube Portal
The Universe Everything

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I don’t think I could turn down a free lightsaber.

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The Prince of Persia’s Sands of Time.

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Hey, I asked the same question on AB! I want that puzzle box from Hellraiser.

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From that Halloween Simpsons episode about Harry Potter, I want “amnesia dust”. Sometimes I do or say something stupid that I just want people to forget. Other times, it would be nice to forget doing something stupid.


Sometimes I want the opposite, though. I forget too many things. I want memory dust that allows me to find stuff I’m missing.

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Being able to be cured from cancer, food poisoning, HIV or even death itself just by sleeping at a hotel for one night; just about every Final Fantasy game.

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The eradication of wishful thinking, and endless motivation – you know the fast-forward scenes in which the characters do a year’s worth of work ;)

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I will have James Bonds, Aston Martin please or the gadget from MIB that wipes out your memory.
Honorable mention:
The laser chain from Johnny Mnemonic.

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Cherry 2000

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I would love to have Adam Sandler’s remote from Click, not the prop, a real remote that works like that. As for props I want Al Pacino’s shirt from Dog Day Afternoon or the matching camel hair trench coat and hat from The Godfather Part II.

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A Culture special circumstances operative’s upgrades (from Iain M Banks Culture novels).

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The De Lorean from Back to The Future is defo a must for me! I wouldn’t mind superman’s pants too!

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Angelina Jolie.

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Clint’s gun in Dirty Harry ;)That is all I need.

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I want a slave girl from the GOR novels…

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@lucillelucillelucille What, to make your day punk?

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I’d take the Doctor’s TARDIS. Time and space at my disposal. Fun stuff!

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My second choice would be an Orion slave girl.

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I wouldn’t mind owning the Death Star…. Does that count as one single item?

(Don’t worry. I’d use it for peaceful purposes. I just want to be able to explore the universe without fearing the Borg, or Reavers, or Ceylons…)

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@AstroChuck – Nah… I want my slave women to be pink or brown. Not green…

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Portal’s Portal Gun.

Or biotics from Mass Effect 1&2.

MJOLNIR Mark VI is soooooooooooo tempting though. Bah, who am I kidding? I want that too. Security variant please ;).

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James T. Kirk’s sex life.

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I’d like a Holodeck like the one found on the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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A Hattori Hanzo Sword.
From Kill Bill, of course.

A Nimbus 2000.

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Greetings and bon venue. I, personally would like to have The Claw from an old TV show who’s name currently escapes me.
however, some rouge armor from halo 3 would be nice

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Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.

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The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

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@mrentropy Thou shalt count to 3. 3 is the number to which thou shalt count, and the number thou shalt count to is 3.

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Plasmids from Bioshock.

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