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If you can take stem cells from your own fat, would you?

Asked by babaji (1440points) February 20th, 2010

Stem cells seem to be amazing in that they adapt to what is necessary when injected. Recent discovery, that stem cells can be taken out of our own fat would seem to indicate that each person could cure whatever problem that might arise…. i understanding this correctly? this seems fantastic to say the least.

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No. That’s discusting.

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Stem Cells hold great potential to cure human suffering in the hands of qualified Professionals. Most work is still in the research stage. We had eight years of an anti research Administration in America.
To learn about their potential go to america’sfor cure',

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If they could suck some fat out of my butt and use it to grow me a new heart or a kidney, hell yeah I’d go for it. If they wanted to clone me even, I wouldn’t mind…I’m pretty awesome! :P

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It does not work like that unfortunately.

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I wish it worked like that…I could single buttedly save mankind!

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@Merriment You and me both!

@philosopher Too bad it doesn’t work like that. It’s a good idea though! :)

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If it worked like that my Autistic Son could be cured now. We need more research. I wish it did.

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@philosopher I think they need to do a whole lot more research too. I’ve never understood the debate on it being good vs. bad etc. If it can save and help people, what’s bad about that?!?!

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stupid Bush. One day he may need help that’s just 8 years away from human approval.

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@faye @knitfroggy
I of course agree.
I PM you both.

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I would absolutely do that, as long as there wasn’t an unreasonable risk to my health. As long as it’s there, it might as well do something useful.

lol @Merriment. Funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

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You mean like Regan did.
I call that poetic Justice; but wealthy people go out of the country for cures.
European is a head of us on Stem Cell research and alternative energy; thanks to Bush and his fascist now mined supporters.
This is another reason our economy is suffering. After all the oil companies and their Lobbyist are in charge of all the Politicians.

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