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Are there any alcoholic drinks with a flavor you actually enjoy?

Asked by Sarcasm (16758points) February 20th, 2010

Over the past year or so I’ve had bits here and there of all sorts of different drinks. I must say that despite their popularity, they all tasted absolutely dreadful to me.
I keep trying because clearly alcohol is popular, and I’m always curious to see why.

So are there any alcoholic drinks you like the taste of? Does it all taste terrible to you?
Are you someone who just ignores the taste and tries to jump straight to the drunk?

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Brandy and soda, and most beers. I like the bitter flavors of everything much more than sweet, but I do love Malibou.

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No. I don’t drink alchohal. It ruins your kidneys.

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That’s easy Bud.

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I do enjoy a good Reisling wine.

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Kahlua,yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm—that’s right—;)

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I love the taste of beer and wine, but not so much liquor. However, Brendan’s Irish Cream and Kahlua both taste good to me.

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Not a big fan of flavoured alcoholic drinks. I’ve tried plenty myself. Fruity Vodka, Sourpuss, this weird shit that tastes like toothpaste…that said, one that I really love is called the Zombie.

It’s more of a mix of several tropical fruit juices rather than flavoured, but I thought it was worth mentioning mainly because there are plenty of cheap imitation brands which are just that, flavoured, but it still tastes great.
I also love Kaluha, but too much of it always makes me ill.

I prefer Belgian beers and straight Whiskey when I can afford it.

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A well done pear martini is heaven.
German Rieslings are pretty good too if you like girly wine.

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Some flavored vodka isn’t the worst thing in the world, but I don’t drink alcohol for the taste.

I do find the taste of Irish coffee (made with Bailey’s Irish cream) to pretty good, but that’s mostly because the taste of the alcohol is covered up.

Beer tastes like crap. Sometimes it just makes me nauseous. I prefer Hard A; you get it over with faster. For the most part, I couldn’t care less about the taste. I like to get to the drunk, yes. Or at least the tipsy. :)

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I like the frou-frou drinks with the umbrellas in them.

Also there are different concoctions with Baileys, cream, and sugar that are sort of like a liquid dessert. Or Amaretto di Sarronno in coffee or such.

For me, basically, the less it tastes like alcohol or the better disguised by other additives such as juice and such, the greater are the chances I’ll like it :D.

I’m pretty much a hopeless wimp ( but rather proudly so ) when it comes to serious drinking.

But, you can always go for something like Rum and Coke if you don’t want to be as wimpy as I.

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Pina Colatas are tasty. But a bourbon on a cold night is sipping heaven. It is an aquired taste.

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Beer. God, how I love beer.

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I like the taste of most whiskey, wine and beer. I do not like the taste of gin or vodka.

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I like the flavor of gin a lot.

I also like Amarula, Kenya Gold Coffee Liqueur, and Bermuda Black Seal Rum in rum cakes….those are the only ones I’ve tried recently.

I like Guinness beer. I also like a good red wine.

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I love alcohol! Not all alcohol, but I have favorites with pretty much every genre…with beer, I love Sam Adams and other lagers, not so much the lighter stuff unless I’m already drunk or am at a bar and don’t want to spend a ton of money. I love red wine…merlot, cabernet, chianti… As far as liquor, I prefer whiskey and rum, but I’m also a lover of flavored vodkas, Patron or 1800 if I’m in the mood for tequila (which is extremely rare), Disaronno, Goldschlager (especially mixed with apple cider…yum!). I also love Bailey’s, on the rocks or with coffee, or in a mixed drink. My favorite shot is an oatmeal cookie, which has Kaluha in it, I believe. Also, Bloody Marys are awesome. Irish car bombs are good too, as long as you really can drink the whole thing at once, otherwise it’ll curdle and I assume that would ruin the taste.

I’m with @YARNLADY as far as gin goes…I absolutely cannot stand that stuff. I also am not a huge fan of Long Islands as I don’t like sour mix…I can drink them, but I won’t enjoy them as much as other mixed drinks. I also hate Jager, which definitely makes me a minority among my peers (college students), as well as anything mixed with Red Bull.

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I’m with you. I’ve tried quite a few things and never managed to like any of them. I keep trying them, because my fiance and a few of my friends really want me to be able to enjoy alcohol with them. I did have a blackberry wine that was tolerable, but I didn’t particularly enjoy it. However, about a month ago, I finally tried something that I genuinely liked – Disaronno and milk. I had at most one part Disaronno to three parts milk, and it was delightful. I’m actually excited to have it again. Note: If your goal is to get drunk while drinking this concoction, it probably won’t work very well. I drink solely for taste, and have no desire to get drunk.

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Sweet Walter red wine. Yum!

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I’ve been surprised to learn recently that there are people who do not like gin-tonics. Amazin’.

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1 teaspoon powdered sugar
Juice from 1 lime (2 ounces)
4 mint leaves
1 sprig of mint
Havana Club white Rum (2 ounces)
2 ounces club soda

But don’t try it, you will never come back to other drinks.

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yes, but no, but…how about a mojito? snap ^

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@CyanoticWasp I’m one of those people. Gin tastes like a pine needle to me. Ick.

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The best tasting alcohol I’ve ever had was a friend’s homemade moonshine. Other than that, I love the taste of most beers, whiskey, and rum.

I find it very difficult to tolerate tequila, vodka, gin, and most wine.

No girlie drinks, please.

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I completely forgot about margaritas! That’s some good stuff.

I’m really getting excited about going out tonight!

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Strawberry Margarita, Bahama Mama, amaretto sours, but mostly fru fru drinks.

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I love the white peach sangria I make. In a 2 quart container, I mix equal parts lemonade and Reisling white wine with ¾ cup of Absolut peach vodka (peach schnapps if you’re looking for a little less of a kick) and then I add a handful of frozen strawberries and peaches instead of ice cubes. It was very dangerous (even with the schnapps) Christmas morning at my grandmother’s house :)

I’m also a fan of Margaritas, daiquiris, and just adding peach vodka to lemonade as well.

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The frozen drinks are pretty tasty, can’t really taste the alcohol in them. There is a flavored vodka called firefly that tastes just like sweet tea (if you’ve ever tasted that and like it). I really love long island iced teas, but most people do not; they’re my drink of choice.

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Grey Goose Martini with blue cheese Olives….

Teachers Scotch on the rocks with one drop of water is spectacular!! Yum!

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Rum with pineapple and orange juice, rum with Strawberry Breeze juice, vanilla vodka with diet Coke, Boulevard wheat beer.

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As far as wines I love the taste of a good rioja or grn sangre de toro, a nice nebiollo or caberet sauvignon. I love the taste of a manhattan and an old fashioned, and i like malibu & diet coke as well as a cuba libre.

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I like most white wines. And for harder drinks I LOVE the taste of Whisky sours and Long Island Iced Tea. Sometimes a good martini or just cranberry and vodka (with a hint of lime) is good.

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Oh yes, I do love champagne and wine, but I’d say those are an acquired taste like beer…

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Gah! I can’t believe I also forgot about champagne (thanks @jeanna_ !)! There’s nothing like a good mimosa in the morning (or all day). Mmmmm.

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I like the taste of a lot of wines. Aside from that, I really like the way some wheat beers taste. And I love Goldschlager.

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Biter, Lager, Dark Rum, Spiced or Golden Rum, Bourbon, Red Wine, Dry White Wine, Rosé Wine, just wine in general I guess, Brandy, Cider, Vodka over ice, Jägermeister

I don’t like champagne

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My favorites are chocolatey mixed drinks like White Russians. Anything with Kaluah is great. Sometimes I just drink Kaluah with a splash of milk in it. I also enjoy Amaretto on the rocks, or amaretto sours. I get drunk really fast, so it’s quite possible for me to get drunk on drinks like that before getting sick from overconsumption of sugar and/or milk, unlike most people. (It’s a blessing and a curse!)

I hate all beer, but I enjoy white wine, some red wines (milder and sweeter ones) and really really like hard cider.

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Jeremiah Weed and water. Or as i like to call it, a Micheal Phelps.

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I’ve never gotten the taste for beer. It is very nasty to me. I love the taste of rum, regular old Captain Morgan or Parrot Bay which is Coconut flavored. I like Parrot Bay and Diet Dr. Pepper, which I’ve heard called a Skinny Pirate. I just call it GOOD. I also like Gin and Vodka. Cherry Vodka in Squirt tastes like a cherry limeade. Maybe I should run to the liquor store before this snow storm hits!

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@essieness Me too. Metallic pine needles.

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Oooh I forgot to say…I just tried ‘okolehao recently for the first time and that was really good tasting alcohol (but strong!!!). Surprising I guess since I * think * it was originally brewed for medicinal purposes, but perhaps it is not totally authentic.

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@qashqai I love mojitos!

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I prefer red wines, like Syrah and Malbec. I like the strong flavours. I also like Capirhnas and Mojitos.

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Disaronno is very tasty.

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Point Special is just…...special!

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I have a drink that taste pretty good take 2 ounces of blueberry flavored vodka with 2 ounces of raspberry, blend the raspberries with the vodka and add some ice.

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The only alcohol that I actually enjoy is Mill St. Brewery’s “Belgian Wit” beer. The rest tastes like bitter burning to me. The only liquor I can take shots of easily is Vodka.

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Sure. Whiskey, Rum, Brandy, Tequila, Gin… you name it. Vodka holds no interest for me, it’s flavorless and boring.

I’m into classic cocktails (pre-1950 or so).

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I forgot Tanqueray Gin and Tonic!!

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As far as a liquor drink, I’ve gotta say kaluah & cream. Tastes just like chocolate milk. I like White Zen wine, but my most favorite is Chateau LaSalle. Ooohhh, that stuff’s good.

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No… Alcohol is poison for your body and doesn’t taste good. Why do people drink? To get drunk!

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^^^ Not a helpful answer.

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@Dr_C… nor accurate.

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Sorry if my answer was not helpful I guess I just think drinking is stupid. I’ve seen a lot of people destroy their lives with it.

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@stevenelliottjr It’s only stupid and destroys lives when not enjoyed responsibly. It’s the abstinence-only attitude and taboo mentality some people have towards alcohol that makes it more dangerous. Just like sex, people need to be open and teach each other how to enjoy it without making stupid mistakes.

Edit: Well that, and propensity towards addiction, but that’s different.

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@stevenelliottjr i have nothing against your view and have seen alcohol destroy many a life as well. However as the lovely and talented @essieness said, responsible drinking comes about through attitudes that provide a helpful and informative environment. Some of us drink because we actually enjoy the taste as well as certain food / wine pairings and not with the intention of getting drunk. That’s not to say I’ve never been drunk, but I have not been for many years and have never had that intention. I’ve learned how much i can drink and still be functional, and hardly ever reach even that limit.

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I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting drunk.

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I’m in the midst of polishing off a 750 of Bailey’s all by myself. Bourbon’s always good… Beer…a good wheat or IPA…

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Excuse me while I take a sip of this lovely shiraz…

@Dr_C You flatter, and I lurve you ;) Now let us stop hijacking @Sarcasm‘s fun little thread about alcohol with our rantings and get back to the task at hand.

Hot toddies for a cold winter night, anyone?

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Gin & Tonic

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Any polynesian bar will have a Scorpion. Fruit juice and 7 different kinds of rum.
And it will sneak up on you!

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I like the taste of some wines, beers, and liqueurs.
I like the taste of a fine tequila and vodka based mixed drinks. I am not a fan of rye, scotch, and rum on their own.

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Pinot Noir

Late Harvest Reisling

Gin & Tonic on the rocks with a slice and squeeze of lemon

A nice cold, crisp Lager drunk directly from the bottle, VERY important

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Bring the Patron, we’re going to have a party tonight. :) I also like mixing it with pineapple juice yummy. :) But I can take it straight too.
@Dr_Lawrence can you bring the limes?
@PupnTaco can you bring the salt?
Thanks, Love Shego

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sweet teas!!!! they’re like arnold palmers but made with sweet tea vodka, wootwoot! just be careful because they creep up on you!

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I love strawberry margaritas, and AMFs aren’t bad if they’re made right, either. Bad for you, yes, but they can taste awesome. Black Opals are also pretty good – if made right. I’m also a fan of whiskey.

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tia maria, baileys and wine.

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@shego: A good Margarita doesn’t need any salt!

In a cocktail shaker with crushed ice, combine:
1½ oz Sauza Hornitos tequila
¾ oz Cointreau
½ oz fresh-squeezed lemon juice
½ oz fresh-squeezed lime juice
Shake hard until well-chilled, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lime wheel.

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Green Apple Sour Puss,
and Malibu.

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@PupnTaco I’m not a big fan of Margaritas, because I have yet to find one that I really like. But I will try your recipe. Thanks :)

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Beer is good. Especially pale ales. I can dig most mixed drinks too. But wine doesn’t sit too well with my stomach.

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Many of them would taste good if they didn’t have the alcohol.

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@shego -it’s near-impossible to find one that isn’t made with sour mix when you’re out – or a “Cadillac” that’s overloaded with Grand Marnier. Try this, it’s probably as close to the original as can be imagined – more like a Sidecar or a Jack Rose than a Slurpee!

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Personally I think it’s a shame we, as a culture, have lost our taste for authenticity and quality. The bland and safe dominates.

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I like Malibu rum in coke. It is delicious, as long as you like coconuts.

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