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How does Paypal make money?

Asked by valdasta (2144points) February 20th, 2010

Do they charge for service at all? Do they charge you a percentage of your purchase or sale? Do they make their money soley from advertisers?

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My understanding is that they hold the money in a short term account and delay payment. They make the money on interest earned. I could be wrong on this, though.

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There’s no charge for just having one, linking cards/bank accounts to your paypal, or buying things. If you go to their web site they tell you exactly what they do charge for. I forget what exactly they charge for, but it’s somewhat obscure things… stuff like transferring bank funds I think?

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I believe they take a certain percentage of all incoming money. I could be wrong though.

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They charge around 3% + 30 cents for any money sent to you. So if someone sends you $100 they take around $3.30 leaving you with $96.70.

The rate goes down a bit the more is sent to you. I think if the transaction is over $100,000 they only take 2 percent.

edit :: Found the link.. I was close.

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I think also that if you pay to use the service, those fees are waived.

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They hold payments for several days before forwarding them. They are able to reap interest on it during that time. They also charge a percentage in all but one classification of their accounts.

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Speaking as a seller who has used PayPal, I’ve never had a delay between the person paying me and that money showing up in my PayPal account.

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@laureth Of course not. The delay comes when you want to withdraw it immediately to your bank. Paypal will hold it several days before doing the transfer.

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Holding funds a few days during inter-bank transfers is an industry standard, even between two non-Paypal banks.

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Thank you for the answers everyone.

I wouldn’t mind making 2% of 100,000…

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When you send money via paypal , paypal gets a certain amount of fe out of it. that’s how they make money.

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