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Can you help in finding tall women's lingerie?

Asked by metadog (378points) February 20th, 2010

There are plenty of places out there for petite, plus and normal sizes. But what about for tall people? Ever heard of a good site for tall lingerie?

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Hm, I’m looking, but everything comes back as “plus size.” Will that work?

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Start here then look at this, this.

I started with a google search Tall Women’s lingerie .

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My wife is tall, but not a plus. That is the challenge.

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There so are not plenty of places out there for petites. But good luck w/ your search.

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You might try looking on etsy for someone who makes lingerie by hand, and getting a custom order.

Etsy has a “custom” tab at the top of the page, where you can post a message describing exactly what you’re looking for, and the craftspeople on the site can place “bids” where they let you know what they can do for you, and what it would cost.

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Hi there
we sell lingerie, and have many contacts, as I also build websites. The key is the sizes, not the height of a lady, if you could supply your sizes, I can give you an accurate answer. I look forward to hearing from you soon

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The lady in question is 5 ft. 11.5in. Size 8/10. 36C/D.

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so have i missed the point, but your size, even though you are ‘tall’ fits well into a normal ramge of lingerie? which most etailers and retailers would be able to help you with?

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A lot of the height is in a long torso. For example, what a manufacturer would call a mini dress ends up looking more like a slightly longer top.

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Hi there, I agree totally, but you dont have this issue if you are specifically buying bras, and G strings or things etc, this may be an issue if you are purchasing camisoles or corsets, but they can be made to order, at not much more expense

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After having a couple of kids… camisoles and such are a preference. If you get my meaning.

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If you let me know your sizes we can suggest some ranges for you, or take a look at our site wickedtickles?

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Tall women are tall all over, including through the thorax and body. Bra straps are routinely 2–3” too short. Same with camisoles or teddies- not fun to wear when the arms-eye is tight in your arm pit. Ditto with slips or gowns with defined cups: if the straps are too short, the bottom of the cup rides across the nipple. Definitely not a sexy look!

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I am a 6ft 3in tall girl. I have been having the worst time trying to find a corset/bustier to go under my wedding dress. Even when they say long they still come just below belly button
instead of to my hips. Does anyone know where to find one?

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If you’re shopping for corsets (and by that I mean Scarlett O’Hara, made of steel bones, real waist-cinching corsets) you’ll want to search the term “longline”.

If you still can’t find something that works for you, then look for a corsetier who specialises in “bespoke” – that’s just the fancy corset term for “custom”. They’ll make one specifically to fit your torso size. I’ve heard wonderful things about Orchid Corsetry, based in the UK, though I’ve never used them (I’m a short torso myself, so off the rack works for me).

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