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My brother has been staying with me, my boyfriend and three kids for about three years and I want him out. What do I do?

Asked by fedupwitmybro12 (16points) February 20th, 2010

This isnt the first time i have let my brother stay with me,but it is the longest. He doesnt clean up unless i ask him to and he eats my sandwich bread at night when we go to sleep. I just recently found him a job cause he wouldnt do it himself. Now he is drinking heavily every night and wont save his money to move out.

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tell him its time to go! tell him you have enough kids.

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Sounds like he is depressed, which would be a bigger problem than him living with you I would think…

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You sit down with him and your husband and you give him a definite “get the hell out date”. And when that date comes, you pack up his stuff and put it on the other side of the door(and change the locks if you need to).

You need to do this sooner rather than later. Why? Because the longer he has the longer it will take. Like you said now he is drinking away his “move out” money. So he has no intention of leaving until he is forced to. So force him.

Now I know he is your brother and you love him and you want to do best for him.

This is the best for him.

You don’t want him to wind up like a guy I know….over 50 years old with nothing but debt to his name. He bilked money…all the money out of his 80 year old mother so that she has had to sell her home and move in with a daughter…and this guy still isn’t budging…and they are still letting him get away with it.

Nip it before your kids wind up having to take care of Uncle Drunkle in his old age.

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As uncomfortable as it is, Directly tell him how you feel and set a course of action for your house and your immediate family, give him your familia respect but set him in the right direction and guide him with firmness and love toward his own life.
....,once i overstayed my welcome, and didn’t realize it until it was pointed out to me, and i was gone in a minute.

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I had this same problem with my daughter and her three kids and husband. they lived in N. Carolina and her husband ran two pawn shops. the businesses closed and he had no job, nor my daughter. they were foreclosing on their house and no place to go. wife and i ask them to move in with us, until each found a job in Nashville. wife and i lost our privacy altogether. at 3 am, i would get up for a drink of water and there was always someone awake to great me. daughters three children had problems sleeping. i would find dirty diapers under their bed and they never offered to pull their own weight. three months went by, then six months, then a year. i had enough. one morning, i laid a classified section on their bed with red circles on houses for rent in and around Nashville. they finally got the hint. within a week, they had rented a house and was gone. i missed them, but not their mess. here is what you have to do to your brother. go to your local sheriffs department and sign a Writ of Eviction. after the Writ has been served on your brother, he will have thirty days to vacate your property. if not, the sheriffs department will take all his property and set it out on the street. if he comes back inside your house, you can have him arrested for trespassing. tough thing to do against your brother, but some people can never take a hint. sounds like you have been overly fair with him and know its time for him to go and you to sign a Write of Eviction. once served, your brother will have 30 days to leave.

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