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What is your favorite place to be? Why?

Asked by lilikoi (10079points) February 20th, 2010

It could be a physical place, a state of mind, your bed, an island, the ocean, whatever.

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Somewhere over the US at about 37,000 feet.

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Lake Tahoe is probably my favorite place to be. I love it there.

I also really like being at my house, which of course, I don’t really live in anymore being in college and everything.

Of course, the best place to be is anywhere with my boyfriend, especially since I don’t get to see him very often. :(

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Wrapped up tight in my husband’s arms. There is nothing better.

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Inside books. When I read, I totally zone out of this world, and I’m like a fly on the wall in the character’s lives. This is why I don’t watch TV and read at the same time – I miss too much of the show. I create voices and faces for the characters (which really gets annoying when they make a TV show or movie out of the book – they always cast it way different than me.) and I hear them saying what I’m reading. My family knows not to talk to me when there’s a book covering up my face. They know I won’t hear them.

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My bed. All soft and snuggly.

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In my bed at night listening to music.Zzzz..

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I really love being in the car. I love driving, and I love car rides. Being in the car is so comforting to me. I love seeing everything when I’m out and I love the fact I could go anywhere. I’m in the best mood when I’m driving, hahaha, unless there’s a shit driver in front of me.

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i love ny bed but i really love laying on the deck in nice weather, with a glass of water or diet coke, a magazine and the phone nearby. i keep the storm door open so the cats can come and go freely and we could be out there all day till dark.

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In the woods, immersed in nature, with few to no people around. I find it very grounding and calming.

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Wherever my boyfriend is.

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@Dibley Same here but obviously wherever my boyfriend is!

and if he is in Covent Garden in London and I am there with him then that is a bonus!

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@Leanne1986 I would say that if he is in bed, then that would be a bonus! London too busy for me!

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@Dibley As much as I love bed time with my man my bed doesn’t have an Opera house!!!!

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Crabby Bill’s on St. Pete Beach with Ms Monk and Margarita.

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My favourite place to be doesn’t exist I reality :(

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