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Who can help me answer yet, another sex question, this time about laughing during orgasm- NSFW?

Asked by ubersiren (15208points) February 20th, 2010

I thought there was a thread on here where we started talking about laughing during sex/orgasm, but I can’t find it. If anyone can direct me to it, that’d be great.

So, what are your thoughts on laughing during sex, especially during orgasm?

This happened to me today, only it was like… intense. It was so embarrassing, but as I had an orgasm, I began laughing hysterically and crying at the same time. :/ So, wtf was that about? I mean, it was really awesome, and I don’t have any emotional issues, so was it just a form of release?

Once before, when my husband and I were dating, I laughed during orgasm. He says he doesn’t remember it. He was initially a little uncomfortable when this happened today, but ultimately he believed me when I said I wasn’t laughing “at” him. I just wish there was something he could read that points to the normalcy of this. I want to drive it home that it was really because he did a great job and not a laughable one.

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Laughing and crying are very similar. They provide release at moments of strong emotion. It is quite normal for a woman to cry during an orgasm. It seems to me it would be common to experience laughter too,.

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Usually I have no idea what I do, except my throat generally feels hoarse afterward. I can tell if I’m laughing or crying; I don’t think I choose. People tell me I shout, laugh, and cry, so I guess that must be what I do.

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If unbridled emotional expression during sex and orgasm is not OK, then when would it be? Be sure to reassure hubby that it does not indicate disapproval of or displeasure with him. He should know that by now.

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I’ve never experienced that, but it doesn’t sound weird or too far fetched. Like @wundayatta said, laughing and crying are similar and an orgasm is a huge release, physically and emotionally. So, it makes sense to me. It sounds like you were having a good time! Luckyyyyy…

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I laughed my first time because….well…. it just struck me as funny!!! It still cracks me up to think about it!! lol!! I can’t believe I laughed!! lol!!

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I laugh but it’s usually because I have a terrible habit of farting during the big moment.

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@Blondesjon Thanks for sharing, lol.

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LMAO… and no, that doesn’t mean I like it in the A.

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I’ve cried during and shortly after orgasm before. I think it’s just a release of emotions.

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I think it’s normal if you get to a point of intense release and giving in. I’ve been quite shaken during orgasm before and started sobbing but I felt nothing but absolute love and safety with my partner at that moment. As for laughing, I’ve done after the orgasm and it was great, again a feeling of deep ease and “oneness”. I’m kind of a sap though with sex, I like to cuddle after, giggle and kiss.

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Wow ironically that happened to me today. It was the weirdest thing. It has never happened before but my boyfriend loved it. He thought it was the cutest thing ever!

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I’ve totally done that. I think it’s just as others have said… a huge release of emotion. I don’t know about you, but I felt great afterward. ;)

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If I don’t laugh at least once at some point during it, I don’t count sex as successful.

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If you are only a young teenager then maybe I can understand it, but if you are adult and you are laughing then that is extremely immature and unexcuseable and unreasonable. How you felt if your boyfriend just started laughing at you? I would be devastated and then think, shit I’ve just fucked a child.

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@Dibley Seriously? Please tell me your account has been hijacked and this isn’t really you. Wtf?

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@ubersiren Of course it’s me. I can’t understand why you would to laugh at someone that you have just made love with.

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@Dibley Then either you didn’t read the details, or you’re not being very reasonable here. Either way, I’m not engaging with you.

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I did read the details. I thought maybe I was being harsh so I just asked my boyfriend if he has laughed at anyone or vice versa and he said no and can’t see why they would unless it was crap. I read him my answer, he said it was true but maybe I could of worded it a little better. I understand that, but can’t see why you would laugh. I really really feel for husband.

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@Dibley She specifically said she wasn’t laughing at him. I’m 42 years old, and I do this myself sometimes. It has nothing to do with maturity. Sex should be fun and good and emotional, and when it is all of those things, sometimes our emotions come out in a variety of unexpected ways.

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@augustlan I read what she put.

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@Dibley Wow. Glad you’re not one of my partners. If you take everything in life even half as seriously as you take this, you must not have much fun. You and your boyfriend sound horribly boring.

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In case this wasn’t clear to some, it wasn’t something I wanted to happen, and not something I could help. It was completely out of my control, which is part of the reason I came here to discuss it. If I had done this intentionally, I wouldn’t be asking why it happened.

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I laugh at myself at times because I do make some weird noises at that moment and it kinda cracks me up and then Ms Monk starts laughing and hilarity ensues.

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@TheLoneMonk High five. That’s what I’m talking about. :D

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Your emotional reactions are not unusual. The body releases a deluge of hormones after orgasm, which can influence a person’s emotions. If your partner is still insecure about the issue, tell him that the laughter and crying were signs that he had a strong (hopefully positive) effect on you.

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I think laughing would only add to an already joyous experience.

A negative comment or something that sounds more like pain would be distracting and a potential mood-killer.

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@MacBean We don’t laugh at each others sexual performances, if that makes us boring then so be it. By the way, I’m glad I am not one of your partners either!

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@Dibley No one is saying that they laugh AT their partner. Neither are they saying they laugh with their partner. The laughter (or crying) is an involuntary reaction to the intensity of the emotions they feel because of their partner.

Have you ever been laughing and found you could not stop? You’re not laughing at anyone. You’ve just gotten to the point where your body has taken over and you have no more conscious control over the laughter.

Laughter, in this case, is a good thing because it indicates how good the sex was; how emotionally involved the partners got. You should only be so lucky as to experience that some day. When you do—if you do—you’ll feel a depth of feeling you could not have imagined before.

I’m sort of curious though. Where did you get the idea that laughter is a bad thing? Do you know that there are people who do laughing meditations? Do you know that laughter is healthy for you? That it is a sign of pleasure? A sign of happiness? At least, it is for most people. Perhaps your experience is different?

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@wundayatta Thank you for explaining. Gosh, I didn’t think it was so unclear. Truly great answer, too, whether or not Dibley is following any longer.

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@wundayatta I read what she put! I have never laughed at, with or whatever while I have been making love. I have laughed so much I couldn’t stop but not while having sex, thankfully. Maybe it is an American thing, I don’t know.

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@Dibley An American thing?!?! Wtf… I don’t know how something totally involuntary could be cultural. Nor, can I understand how you still think it’s so wrong, immature, or disrespectful of me since it’s something completely out of my control. Have you even bothered to find out if this is a normal occurrence anywhere other than this thread? Google it for other instances, then tell me that I’m acting like a young teenager or that it would be like fucking a child.

You read what I put? Doesn’t seem like it since you’re unsure of my age (the teenager statement), referring to my partner as my “boyfriend,” and you had said repeatedly that I was laughing “at” him until you were corrected by several other folks. All of this information is clearly given in the details. So, either you didn’t read, or your comprehension is questionable.

Also, nobody cares what you have ever done during sex. This has nothing to do with you. You are not the end-all be-all of sexual etiquette, or even a standard model. You know why? Because there is no standard model. Seems I’m not the immature one, making judgment on someone based on little/no facts, making assumptions, kicking me when I’m down when I came here for help and advice, not grasping information which is written in black and white, living in a universe where you are “right” and everyone else who is different is wrong and should be shamed for being so.

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@ubersiren Touchy today, seems like I hit a nerve! Ouch. If you don’t like anyones opinion that isn’t your own, then don’t ask the question. It is a question and answer site, so I can answer! If you want to laugh when you have an orgasm then that is up to you.

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That’s the thing. I don’t want to. That’s what you’re not getting. Something else you’re not getting- this question did not ask for your “opinion” of the matter. Hit a nerve today? Just today? You’ve been nothing but rude the whole time.

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@ubersiren Why? Because my opinion isn’t the same as yours? Because I don’t laugh while I am being fucked? My sincere apologies.

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I can deal plenty with opinions which differ than mine, but if they’re not respectful, then I lose my shit. And again, I didn’t ask for an opinion in this question. You’re just being rude for your own self-indulgence. Oh well, must be a European thing.

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@ubersiren Ha this is getting funny now. Did you think that would hurt my feelings? Think again. I won’t change my opinion. I don’t give a shit what you think. Just go and have your baby, I doubt you’ll feel pain, you’ll just laugh your way through!

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I was more trying to make a point, which again, went right over your head.

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If I were a moderator, I think I’d say “flame off, people.”

But I’m not, so let me say—can I get you some boxing gloves? ;-)

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Dear @Dibley I understand that the notion of laughing involuntarily during sex is a scary notion that you fear would cause one partner to feel humiliated. The truth is that sometimes funny stuff happens when two people are trying out different ways to make love. There are unexpected events, minor mishaps, unexpected bodily noises and laughing together is healthy and wholesome and safe.

In addition, at the point of orgasm, sometimes we laugh or cry or both in response to the intense release of pent up sexual and physical energy. Secure lovers know they will never mocked or humiliated no matter what happens before, during or after sex.

If you don’t yet feel safe enough for absolutely any emotional expression to be OK during sex or orgasm, I hope someday you will experience that total acceptance that makes anything that happens perfectly acceptable and non threatening not matter how unexpected it might be. It is what makes mutual love and trust so overpoweringly amazing.

Live, Love, Laugh!

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Sometimes laughter is a good thing like when you choosing a great spot to make out and you laugh like you really think we can do it there and not get caught? ... but then as your in the middle of the act and you start laughing because the thrill is making the moment hotter but then you realize that each time you lady laughs while your inside you get this incredible (((hug))) that again makes you laugh!

This is the only time you should laugh at your partner unless your tickling her at the time your thrusting…

then you stop her by kissing her…

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@phil196662 I never understood the tickling fetish genre of movies until now. You’ve hatched a really twisted thought path in my head.

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What? Making your mate happy with laughter… Always the goal I hope wherever the location is and what you might be sharing.

all I did was give a reason to laugh during an intimate moment.

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