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Describe your dream date?

Asked by tata12 (101points) February 20th, 2010

If you can, don’t just say “dinner and a movie” ...what exactly would be perfect? How would the girl act? What would she do, what would it be like?

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My dream date is in and around my next birthday! I think we will order in and take it real easy!

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We would eat pizza and play computer games from sundown till sunup, if not longer.
I guess there’s a reason it’s a dream date. Oy, the price of being a romantic.

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Going to a record store pick up a good vinyl, after go back to his house and listen to it while we cook dinner, and listen to it again (or discuss the album) .sighs

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Going to a concert on the green, perhaps at Sloat park, and just singing to each other while listening to a too-old folk group trot out their hits from 50 years ago.
Then going to a steak house, maybe Liverpool Lil’s in SF, and talk and eat, both knowing this date will not end early. A walk thru Fishermans Wharf or Chinatown, and perhaps a midnight dance on the beach.

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Being with Someone who is accepting of the real me and doesn’t want to have sex on the fisrt date.Going dutch is nice too.:)

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Something I haven’t done before.

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An evening with an interesting conversationalist topped off with a double dip ice cream cone.

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A beautiful dinner,The Three Tenors(yes,I know LP is gone:( ) and a late night swim.

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“April 23rd. Because it’s not too warm or too cold, and all you need is a light jacket. ”

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Going to the lake with a thermos and two blankets to watch the sun set. Walking the shore holding hands and then when the moon is up, dancing under the stars.

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I’d get laid.

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A trip through Middle Earth.

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December 25th.I love christmas ;¬}

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To me, a connection makes or breaks a date. A dream date for me would be me completely connecting with another person on both an emotional and intellectual level. Sure, fancy activities would make such an experience much more intense.

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@livelaughlove21 So it is…. I seemed to botched the line in more ways than one. :P

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