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Paragraph indents in a Wordpress Theme?

Asked by mrentropy (17188points) February 20th, 2010

I like Wordpress. I like writing in my web log. But I hate the fact that no theme that I can find has paragraph indents which, as a quasi-writer, I really like.

Does anyone know of a theme I may have missed that support indenting paragraphs?

I’m too cheap to buy a subscription at the moment or I’d edit the CSS to put it in there.

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Sounds like you want the text-indent property, e.g.

p {text-indent: 1.5em;}

Should have read your description thoroughly. You can’t edit the CSS? Don’t know of a theme, but I’ll leave my answer for people who can edit their themes.

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Drop into HTML mode and make it look like this..

It will look like this

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Yeah, I know. The problem is that I want it there always. I use different programs and different operating systems and sometimes I just use the WP editor, when I’m desperate. I was hoping for something that I wouldn’t have to manually insert every time.

I was even hoping there was a Live Writer plugin to do that, but there isn’t.

But thanks for the answers. I’ll file that away in case nobody knows of a theme that has it built in.

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Okay, so I went the semi-lazy route and just write the blog and then add:
<div style=“text-indent:1.5em;”> </div> to the beginning and end. I was desperate.

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