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What are some good exercises, or exercise machines that won't hurt your joints?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) February 20th, 2010

Well, recently I’ve got this idea that every exercise or exercise machine will or CAN have some sort of horrible con to it. For example, jogging and running can hurt the knees. The elliptical, if not used properly, apparently can also hurt the knees. I’ve also heard that skipping rope puts direct contact onto the knees, hips and ankles, and is hard on the knees if not done properly as well. The rower machine can strain your back if not done properly.

Well, I guess I’m also just afraid that I don’t do it properly. Recently, it feels as if my knees have been exhausted. They have a burning sensation after working out. I jogged today… but then I stopped because my knees felt odd. So then I went on the elliptical.. my knees still felt odd, so then I tried skipping rope. It was good at first, but then my knees and everything below started feeling all exhausted as well.

What should I do? Should I change up my routine or what? Every time I start up exercising again, I’m afraid that my knees will give out either now or in the future. Am I being over paranoid, or do I just need a rest? Are there any other good exercises that won’t hurt me some way and is easy to do properly?

All comments appreciated!

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@Rarebear, good idea. Maybe I’ll try that again, but I barely swim so I’m not sure if I’ll be swimming right, and I can’t last long with laps.

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You could try water aerobics. Easy on the joints, and masterful swimming isn’t required.

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Learning some good stretches to use before and after working out will also help.

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The perfect pushup. I also second swimming.

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@curiouscat You don’t have to swim. Get a kickboard and just kick yourself forward. Or do water aerobics.

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Learn the proper technique for the elliptical. It’s worth it.

I used to be a runner until I ruined both of my knees. There was no trauma, but my ortho told me not to run anymore. He suggested swimming. I’m not a good enough swimmer to get a workout, so I went with the elliptical, my ortho’s other suggestion. I’ve been using it for years without a problem, and it’s an excellent workout.

Good luck!

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Swimming.Maybe bicycling too….or sitting on the couch thinking about it will cause no harm whatsoever ;)
Why don’t you just walk a few miles a day for now instead of jolting your kness with jogging and jumping rope?

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Swimming is the best. I think the elliptical trainers are pretty easy on joints too.

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Swimming and Nordic Track (do they still make them?).

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I didn’t swim well at all but I started out gradually and it turned out just fine. If you are lucky, some pools have underwater treadmills—they are great, the water holds your weight off of your joints, but you get the benefit of the exercise. (The water is up about to your waist). So you go very slowly and hold on to the handles because of the water but it’s pretty cool, and I found it very gentle on my joints. Some places do aquacises too where you don’t really “swim”.

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Yup, swimming. Period.

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