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What soundtrack best represents your love life?

Asked by higherground (1148points) February 20th, 2010

Is there a song that reminds you of yourself/your significant other? And why did you two choose this song? What is the significance to it?

It might be a song that was playing when you two had your first dance together, or it might be a song that remind you think of him/her.

Every love has its own soundtrack , what is yours ?

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Dance me to the end of love by Cohen.

“Let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone”- classic.

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@gemiwing Watching the video now (=

I love how they show the old couples standing in front of the photos of their younger days !

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Yeah. Dominix Mix 29 (corny, I know…haha), the 29th mix CD in my series. I’ve made 32 so far. #29 was made from August 09-September 09 and the whole album makes me think of Rory. (The order of the songs is not completely random, by the way):

1. Around the World – ATC
2. Sunshowers – MIA
3. You Belong with Me – Taylor Swift
4. Sweet Donuts – Perfume
5. Touch My Body – Mariah Carey
6. I’m Like a Lawyer… – Fall Out Boy
7. Throw it in the Bag – Fabolous
8. Bang Bang – Ch!pz
9. Wuki Wuki – Jenny Rom
10. One Time – Justin Bieber
11. Supervideo – Jenny Rom
12. Run This Town – Jay-Z ft. Rihanna
13. Love is Free – Sheryl Crow
14. Bossy – Kelis
15. Ignorance – Paramore

#6 is considered to be “our song”. If I had to pick one, that would be it. :D

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This doesn’t really describe our relationship, it’s just “That Song” that we would drive around blaring and singing when we first were dating. Beautiful song.

Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse

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@DominicX Wow I’m sure it will be an endless list (=

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Really nice song , I like how the song starts off (=

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies The song by the Hollies is a classic ! Little Wing is awesome too (=

@shego Wow this song brings me back in time , great song !

@Master This song is absolutely beautiful (=

@ShiningToast Ah , it is great if a couple is singing the same soundtrack :D

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I love that song, just brought back many menories

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mmmmhh not a happy song unfortunately but its Speech Debelle ‘Go then, Bye’ fits the moment :(

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The power of love – Jennifer Rush

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Neil Diamond – Play Me.

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No One – Alicia Keys and Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis.

We weren’t officially together when those songs were out, and when I was out without and they came on they would make me think of him. No One, because he is the one and no one can change that. Bleeding Love because people at work used to try to tell me that he wasn’t really interested and that he was too old for me and that I should back off.

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I have two: Theme From A Summer Place and Theme From Love Story, the movie.

I worked a job one time, that was part-time. each day around lunch time, this local radio station played request songs. every other day, my wife would call in and request Theme From A Summer Place for me. she knew i would be listening at lunchtime. this was before cellphones. this is “our song”. always has been, always will be. john

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I also love Hello, Lionel Ritchie. great song.

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@tragiclikebowie That song list is amazing ! (= And yes , the video by Bright Eyes is absolutely adorable !

@ChaosCross Nice song ! (=

@hiphiphopflipflapflop Wow nice ! (=

@jazzjeppe AW , that show is awesome . Haha ~

@definitive Hug for you ! ! !

@partyparty That’s a nice song ! (=

@Dibley Oh no, but how do you feel when you listen to those songs ? (especially if they start playing suddenly) Do you skip the song or just continue listening to it ?

@Cruiser Norah Jones is fantastic ! Good choice (=

@john65pennington AW both songs are absolute classics , good choices ! I used to wish that I could play the Theme From A Summer Place during my wedding (= And I still do ! Hello by Lionel Ritchie is a great song , but brings back funny memories for me .

@lucillelucillelucille Wow , you have awesome taste in music ! And your nick always reminds me of BB King’s song about his guitar , Lucille (=

All of you have awesome love soundtracks ! (=

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@tragiclikebowie Katie Melua is a guilty pleasure of mine. And she might very well be the most gorgeous woman on the planet.

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Well first it was This

Then she was like this

So I went like this

But now I feel like this!

Of course it felt like a long time before I got to that last one.

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Michael Buble – Haven’t Met You Yet.

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@higherground I listen to them, I listen to them all the time anyway, they remind me of him, even when we are together. I love the songs Why oh no?

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@Dibley Because ‘Bleeding Love because people at work used to try to tell me that he wasn’t really interested and that he was too old for me and that I should back off.’

That’s ridiculous (= Glad you didn’t listen to them .

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Annie’s Song – John Denver

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Roberta Flack

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‘I Crashed a Lesbian Orgy in Drag’ by The Impotent Seasnakes.

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“Blue Highway”

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