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What would I have to do to be able to eat 5lbs of burger in 20 mins?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) February 20th, 2010

I have 1 month to get ready to attempt the 5lb burger at Mugshots.
Are there any competitive eaters here? If so any good pointers?

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And you would want to do this…why?

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Eat the meat first and then finish with the bun and the toppings.

Eating the bun with the burger or eating it first will only fill you up faster.

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@Rarebear Just for the hell of it.

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@Blondesjon haha I learned that in Man Vs Food

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@MrGeneVan Okay, well good luck with that. I eat like a bird, so I can’t help you. I was just wondering.

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mugshots is so good! i had a friend who did this, apparently they don’t disqualify you if you throw up

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Drag it out, if you can. Try overeating a lot beforehand in case you can get your stomach to stretch.
“Beforehand” here means “as practice XD

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@JONESGH haha I would prefer not to throw up lol
@Nullo Yeah I was going to drink a crap load of water to expand my stomach lol

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That’s a pound every four minutes! I hope you have a big mouth, lol, and an even bigger stomach. Here’s an interesting read, complete with Monty Python video reference. Watch out for that “profound gastroparesis”.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. Live in Sub Saharan Africa for 3 years or more, you will be starving so much you would eat literally anything eatable.

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@Hypocrisy_Central There is actually quite a bit of food available in Sub-Saharan Africa to those that have money. If you can afford to get there from the states, you most likely are not the type that will starve there. Self-induced starvation could happen anywhere. But that aside, gouging on food after a major fast would stun your body. It would be extremely unhealthy – beyond food-eating contest unhealthy – and even dangerous.

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@Hypocrisy_Central That saying has been said.

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“Chew outside of your mouth” AKA: tear up food as you eat it, can almost double your speed if you are good enough.

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Get a preemptive quadruple angioplasty. ;-)

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Are you trying to hurt yourself? Why would you do this to your body?

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Soak the bun in water after eating the meat. Soaking it breaks it down and is much easier to swallow.

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Be hungry?

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Anorexically regurgitate on your burger to assist digestion.

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@ChaosCross . . . That is absolutely vile. I love it!

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