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How do I import pictures to my Blackberry from my laptop?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) February 20th, 2010

I downloaded the Blackberry Desktop Manager and I’ve figured out how to import music from my iTunes. Now I want to choose individual pictures from my laptop. How do I do this? And is it psossible to import videos as well from iTunes or youtube? I just got it today and I don’t really know much about Blackberrys

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Make sure your blackberry is connected to your laptop, use the tools on the computer to find the device, chances are a “manage pictures” popup will come up if it is a USB connection.

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Haven’t they both Bluetooth?

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I’m not sure about downloading videos and such onto the Blackberry, as some have different qualities than others, and the quality video from a laptop / the internet I assume would be higher than what a Blackberry could cope with. Too download music / pictures from your laptop onto your Blackberry, first check if they have bluetooth. It will be either on the right hand side of the start pannel, or elsewhere on your laptop. If there is, simply right click the icon, and click quick connect, and then file transfer, and then ‘other devices’ and pair your blackberry too your laptop. Then go onto your pictures / music, select the file you want too send, right click, click on ‘send via’ (or similar wording too this) and then bluetooth, and select your Blackberry’s Bluetooth name. If you do not have bluetooth on your laptop, connect the Blackberry via USB port, and the cd rom soft ware needed for the Blackberry, and it should give you instructions from there.
Hope this helps.

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I haven’t even installed that yet. I just connect my Bberry to my laptop or desktop using the usb cable. If it doesn’t pop up automatically, I find the folder under “My Computer” and click/drag or cut/paste files from the computer into the Bberry folder.

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@Fuchsia When I plug my Blackberry into my laptop under “computer” on the start menu it says: “Removable Disk (E:)”. So I opened it but it said “Please insert a disk into Removable Disk (E:)”. So I opened my pictures folder on a new window and tried to drag a picture to it but it said the same thing. Is it possible to import pictures using the Blackberry Desktop Manager? The reason I want to do this is because the phone didn’t come with any wallpapers and I’m sick of this plain red rogers wallpaper.

@ChaosCross Nothing saying manage pictures popped up. Nothing did and it wont let me click onto the Removable Disk (E:)”. (which is the thing that pops up under the computer tab on the start menu when I connect the Blackberry)

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I think Bluetooth sync with your computer and Blackberry device should work. Otherwise check for any drivers requirement in their website or user manual.

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