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Why do men always say they like natural breasts?

Asked by Just_Justine (6486points) February 20th, 2010

But hands down every time women with enhanced breasts get all the attention?

Men also say they like curvy girls (as in a bit of meat on them just to be clear). Here is an example, there is a woman in our office, she is stick thin, tanned, has enhanced breasts (avoiding the word fake here so as not to offend those that own some), but gets every mans attention from top directors to random post men. By the way she wields this “weapon” and uses this look to gain more cleverly than Winston Churchill and any clever plan he launched at any country. Against her he would lose. We have other natural beauties at the office who do not get the special favours she does. (to draw a fair comparison).I am fascinated by it all to be honest. I don’t want to make this too long so I will break it into another question. Or a second question.

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Why? Because they do. Yea fake boobs are nice, but they like natural boobs too.
This woman in your office may look hot, but what is her personality like? Would the men in your office be able to have a long term relationship with her, or even marry her? Or is she just a piece of ass with no personality?

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Men always say the craziest things. I just don’t know what we should do about it.

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An unanswerable question.

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What age man are you talking about? Under 25? They’ve never seen anything but fake boobs and don’t know the difference. This woman you describe would not get a second look from me because i would see the boobs and know. And stick thin is yukky. I am seeing a woman of 52 who is gorgeous (and natural) and just found out from her that her 24 yr old daughter had already gotten breast implants. The daughter is absolutely beautiful and would not need.implants if she were totally flat. You wonder why men are inscrutable? I wonder why women are inscrutable on this subject. Another example. I have a friend whose wife, years ago, was absolutely the hottest thing around (in my opinion). Great personality. Very very trim, flat chest, just gorgeous. Then she bought herself a set of boobs. Loved to show them off. i never even looked at her again except to be friendly. She lost all sex appeal when she bought the boobs. And she thought she was so ultra sexy with them.

Fake boobs have the same effect on me that smoking does. The moment I see a woman smoke or realize she has fake boobs (enhanced in any way, shape, or form) I lose all sexual desire for her.

Most men do prefer natural. Don’t let the office antics fool you.

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In most cases they are young gentlemen who not only are too young to appreciate a woman’s true beauty, they are also too ignorant to realistically decide when breasts are fake or not.

As for me, breast implants is easily one of the least attractive things a woman could do to herself right along with a terrible attitude. It says that they are insecure with who they are and that they need to place hardened chemicals on their chests to make themselves feel better.

That said you would be hard pressed to find me take a fake over a flatty. While I’m on the subject; Gentlemen, you may be too young to realize this yet but the sexiest thing you can find in a woman is the stuff inside. Ladies, never stereotype men and become a fat ugly lesbian femanazi like your aunt, men can be bad, but there is always one that is perfect for you.

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I prefer natural over fake because for the most part the fake ones are really gross looking.

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From what I’ve gathered, enhanced breasts may fill out a shirt better, but when it comes to interacting in an intimate manner, it seems to be that natural breasts are more enjoyable (for both parties, as long as a woman’s self-esteem regarding her breasts isn’t inhibiting her).

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Not that I’ve had any experience with fake ones, but it is more of a turn on for me personally when she can enjoy what I’m doing.

Just sayin’


Quite simply, most people do not like anything “artificial’, and that includes fake fruit flavoring, a fake smile, fake gems, fake money, and fake breasts. Most men and women prefer things in their natural state, and for men that definitely includes boobies. Lol.

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Natural is always the best, not only when it comes to body parts. I prefer natural sweetener than chemical ditto in my soda, real flowers and not the plastic ones, a real Christmas tree and not the plastic version, real ham and not the glued and pressed one, home-baked bread and not the industrial produced, women who love and respect themselves for what they are and how they are made – that’s how I roll anyway.

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@MRSHINYSHOES darn, you beat me to it! lol

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@plethora no she seems to have more affect on top Directors and significant players in our industry. Players as in influence. They are over 30 most of them. She herself is in her 40’s. Her phone never stops. But the main factor of interest is how this is working in business today. I don’t like to pooh pooh a situation that I could learn from after all ~

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@everyone I really don’t want to “knock” females with enhanced breasts in anyway. But I am more interested in how these are used as very successful weapons!! A woman is entitled to enhance her body parts of course. Although I never really understood the focus on this particular body part at all. I could care less if I was breast-less. I don’t really put much value on breasts in general (my own). Or anyone else’s but when they win wars then I wonder.

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@Just_Justine The the issue with the “winning wars” bit is a bit worrying, already. It could be it’s just another proof of men still kind of objectifying women. One could think that equity has evolved more 2010. On the other hand we could look at it the other way round: men who have certain cosmetic features may win wars as well.

But I think there might be something else to be considered here:

Perhaps we shouldn’t look at our bodily features, so to speak, but rather on what these features may do to us and how they affect our personality. If women with fake boobs win wars, is it because of the fake boobs or actually because of the self esteem that these boobs might give to her? I really do hope that wars aren’t won with body parts or body looks, but with personality and obviously a personality is different if you enjoy your body than if you’re not. I can only look at my self and see that I hate my body and that honestly affects my personality in a bad way.

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@jazzjeppe brilliant! having another aha! moment. It is how one uses ones weapons real or imagined that count. And yes it does point to old fashioned methods rearing it’s ugly head and the case of objectification. But only when the female using them is unaware. Objectification then can work both ways as in, playing on a guys dick for example. Simple example I know!! sorry loll.

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Men like breasts.


Those who claim a preference for natural breasts are lustful elitists.

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Fake boobs are just that fake and IMO only good for ogling when under a sweater. Either way having enhancement done may be desired to improve self esteem but I prefer a woman who is confident enough in her own skin and happy with herself just the way she is. I’ll take real and perky over fakies every time.

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The bounce,sway,feel & look.Mmmm dreamy.

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Have you ever watched the television series Las Vegas? the ladies on this show are all natural. their boobs may not be rockets heading to the moon, but at least they are what mother nature gave them. some of the ladies are more endowed than others and thats okay. give me a pair of “naturals” anyday, compared to fake, yes i said it, fake boobs.

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Most of my male friends don’t care if they are real or fake,as long as they are there.It gives them something to talk!

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Why is hard to believe that it’s simply the truth.

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Fake breasts ask for attention, and guys are generally more than willing to oblige. It’s my perception that anyone who undergoes cosmetic augmentation is saying “look at me, I’m perfect.” Guys hear that and assume that their chances to socialize with someone who wants that attention are good. But guys who are able to look beyond the surface realize that substance is what really matters

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Being a woman, I’ve never felt a fake breast, but I can imagine how artificial they must feel.. Personally, they make me roll my eyes. Who would want to tote around a couple basketballs? There was a show on last week about Hooters. You could readily tell the real boobs from the fake ones. I’m not Dolly Parton, but I have a pretty good set. I’ve certainly never had any complaints. Like my husband says, anything over a mouthful is wasted anyway. I like his style. :D

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Well, true confession time. I can’t tell the difference just by looking, and I’ve never, to my knowledge, felt a fake. Of course, there haven’t been all that many breasts in my hands over the years.

Beasts are one of those bodily features that indicate good potential in a mate, I believe. To the extent they are associated with beauty, then they also are associated with intelligence. Please don’t make me give you the evidence on this last; I have already done it multiple times here. I should have a cut and past insert for it.

Now, obviously there is variation, and there are going to be women who aren’t so good looking who are intelligent, as well as good looking women with flat chests who are quite intelligent. In any case, if it is a sign of intelligence (and I know this is counter-intuitive, especially because of all the jokes about dumb blondes, and the general disdain for the intelligence of a beautiful woman), then of course the higher up men will be interested in it.

Now, I’ve heard a lot of women talk about how they use their beauty. They know that it makes men lose their senses a bit, and that men will do things for beautiful women that they won’t do for other women. In fact, sometimes men don’t even see other women.

Associating with beautiful women is a sign of higher status for men. Women know this, and some work as hard to be as beautiful as possible in order to get an advantage. Women can use the desires and lusts of men to their advantage, if men let them.

Of course, for the highest status conferred on the man, a woman’s assets should be natural, otherwise other men will make comments. However, a lot of looks is glamour—makeup, breast enhancements, other forms of plastic surgery. For the most part, people don’t know what is real and what isn’t. But women often don’t want to give away any secrets, and they won’t even let their lovers see them in the morning until they have “put on” their faces.

Anyway, there is always more status associated with the real thing than with the look-alike. A real Gucci whatever is better than a knock-off. Chateau Lafitte confers more status than Gallo.

So fake breasts are great, without too much close inspection. But if they aren’t real, men can suffer from that in terms of reduced status. A lot of men claim that they can tell. I wonder. I truly wonder.

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@wundayatta not so sure fakies are expensive, and every rich girl gets them. The other girls go into credit card debt. Did you know that in Brazil it is a “right of passage now” for just about every girl that reaches 18. On that score I find it repulsive.

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@wundayatta Yes I can tell. Years ago, i could not. But they have become so prevalent that I have become hyper aware of real vs fake. Many women that have fake like to show them (a woman told me that and it is true). Among other indicators, just a small view of cleavage, and you can tell.

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@wundayatta some are hard to tell most are easy. Real boobs are never “rounded” cleavages do not stand up in a real breast. A fake breast in a bra has a stand up round cleavage that starts up higher than normal. Real breasts cleavages tend to slope downward. Real breasts move more, fake boobs tend to maintain shape, if you are laying on your side or back they retain much the same shape. A real boob tends to alter shape in these positions. Fake boobies are probably quite high in an older person than normal. Which is obvious as older women’s body loose elasticity. They feel different too. The outer layer is soft however when you play with them they remain the same shape. Fake boobs often don’t require bras why would they they are perched in an unnatural manner.

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Interesting. Thanks for the explanation. Natural sounds better if you are going to be intimate with one, but if it’s just eye candy, then why not go for the fantasy?

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I don’t discriminate. I love all women.

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I’m with @filmfann – I don’t discriminate against boobs. Fake, real, big small. They’re all lovely.

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This might be one reason
I guess it’s one way to get in the Guinness Book of Records, vomit…

Or maybe this is why…

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@filmfann I love the female gender. I don’t love all women, and I doubt you do either.

@Zen_Again Discrimination is not even on the table. We are talking preferences. That’s what we were asked about. I seriously doubt you have NO preferences whatsoever about boobage. Women have preferences about men. Some women don’t like tall lanky guys. Some don’t like bald guys. Some don’t like hairy guys. Some don’t like hairless guys (no chest hair, etc). Male or female, we are entitled to preferences in the opposite sex.

Let’s at least be real here.

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Men may like the idea of…. ‘banging’, for want of a better word, a women like the one you’ve described. However, they wouldn’t want to take her home & introduce her to their family.
It’s similar to when women say they want the kind, decent, sensitive man…. & then go out with the arrogant, morally bankrupt, yet devilishly handsome bloke who uses & abuses them.

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Because they think perfection is a grotesque illusion. And because like authentic women.

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@plethora I think if I met a man with silicone “pecs” I would think he was odd. And a bit ew.

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I thought guys wanted abs of steel. Can we get steel implants? At the very least, steel reinforced silicone?

Bartender? I need a stiff one (damn the unfortunate pun). No. Make it a double. I think I need a vacation.

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@wundayatta Forget implants on you guys, too. We gals also want the real deal.

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@jbfletcherfan Oh God no!! Can you imagine carrying strips of steel around in your stomach? Or chest? All so that some woman could run her hands up and down your front and go “ooh?” No. I think I’ll stick with my natural charms, dubious as they are.

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@wundayatta LOLLL….I agree. Just as I’ll stick with my natural assets. Nothing beats the real thing. :D

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@Just_Justine Well there ya go, Justine. Exactly my sentiments regarding the fake stuff on women. And, really, I don’t fault the women who are garnishing themselves with fake stuff. I think the docs who do it are selling snake oil.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. There will always be men who will love big floppy tits. Some of those men will see having fakes tits as a way to get the best of both worlds; a lark rack that sticks out all perky.

Young men today should know the difference and not just by size, they have watched enough porn via the Internet and DVD since they were 13 or younger to know what real ones look like. In a work setting with her clothes on they may believe she has a pair of natural breast, but it would be harder to tell. In a bikini it becomes easier. Certainly unclothed it is quite easy of you know what you are looking at.

The shape is usually the biggest turn off for me. I would rather be with a near flat-chest woman than one who looks like she had to cereal bowls shoved under her skin. I can only imagine what they will look like when she is 50ish thinning and wrinkling skin and two big missiles entering the quilting club 40 seconds before she does.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I can only imagine what they will look like when she is 50ish thinning and wrinkling skin and two big missiles entering the quilting club 40 seconds before she does.

Rather than say Fact from fiction, truth from diction you should have said Tit for Tat.

sometimes I think people just set me up with lines like that

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@Hypocrisy_Central I can only imagine what they will look like when she is 50ish thinning and wrinkling skin and two big missiles entering the quilting club 40 seconds before she does.

This is already a thing, and they still do porn. D:
Such mixed feelings.

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Fake tits look fake….dressed, naked or wearing a bikini. Fake tits feel fake, dressed, naked or wearing a bikini. I will do not do a woman with fake tits and have turned down more than one.

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Hmmm…, where did I put that 10-foot pole…..??

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