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In business and in life just how powerful are womanly charms?

Asked by Just_Justine (6486points) February 20th, 2010

I have worked in business environments many years. I can still remember the early 80’s when women dressed in suites with short hair in order to gain respect and “fit in”. I guess I have worked in a male dominated area for many years.

Things have changed. It seems women (some) have pulled no punches. We have some females that look as though they have walked out of a top porn shot to their desk. It seems these women are “winning” using a powerful combination of the smartys mixed with pure sex. In this male dominated environment they move top executives and directors with as much effort as playing chess with their pinky fingers. I am stunned. One particular lady arrives at our place of business half dressed with her bazookas a hair breadth away from nipple exposure. Why and how do men fall for this? This lady although bright, has not brought in a stitch of business but gets very special attention. Like extended guaranteed salaries. In general though how powerful is the feminine ability? In which ways can they be used to conquer. I think although disgusted, I am learning from Miss Bazooka and want to clarify this?

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Some gentlemen are all work, others, like the “miss bazooka” affinitizers, are more along the play line. Even though many women think they can get along life simply by their appearance, it is not a realistic view of a way to get to the top, eventually she will hit a real business man as their superior who will certainly set her straight.
Attitude and looks will get you a few steps up, the rest is based on ambition, aptitude, and blessing.

So to answer your question in simply, yes but only to a certain degree.

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In business and in life just how powerful are womanly charms?

Far too powerful all things considered.

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You have to know what you are doing and how to use these attributes. Nothing is worse than having a meeting with a dolled up saleswoman who is unprepared or can’t string together a decent sentence.

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Sharon Stone in that scene from Basic Instinct.I made it my business to hit pause several times. Good business acumen I thought.

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I couldn’t tell you.I like the sheer brute force approach ;)

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Personally, I think such women are often cynical and lost. It’s not something to emulate. I had an assistant once—she wasn’t my first choice—who was very beautiful and very confident of herself in terms of being attractive to men. She happened to be the least competent employee I ever had, but I didn’t mind because it was fun talking to her and hoping. Of course, nothing ever happened.

It turned out, however, that she was probably a little nuts, as I was at that time, only neither of us knew it. Or had been diagnosed, anyway. I think that part of what was going on there was recognition. But I digress.

I knew she would be a problem before I hired her, and I thought I could handle her. I’d have to say I was overly optimistic on that point. I did let her get away with doing less work. I never really called her on it. I think I was intimidated by her beauty a bit. So, yeah. I can see using this advantage in a business environment. Whatever you got, baby. Use it. Work it.

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@wundayatta you’re always so honest loll. OK I will, when I find it!!!

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@Just_Justine I am desperate to talk about real shit. I’m so glad there are places like this where I can talk about it, and it won’t get back to me. What amazes me is that anyone else bothers to keep things secret here. Well, I guess it makes sense if you haven’t maintained your anonymity, but seriously, what is the point if you can’t say everything?

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@wundayatta sorry I’ve lost you?

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@wundayatta ah right sorry another thick moment loll.

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Very powerful in the right circumstances and used wisely. I have seen women use said charms to get meetings no one else could; get better positions; etc. If you’re hot, that’s an asset. Won’t solve everything, and don’t abuse, but nothing wrong with using your ass(ets).

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Very. If you have the confidence to have the charm. Lots of free things, lots of leeway, lots of attention and compliments, lots of sex..if you’re into being a floozy.

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I tried to answer this yesterday, but I was too fatigued to string the words together. I started with this: In my present state, I’d leave a $100 bill on the floor in front of my desk so if your woman with the almost exposed nipples walked into my office, she’d bend over in front of me to pick it up. Pretty bad, but that was all the brain function I had left. Here’s a simplified way to view a man’s brain. Take a square and divide it into four quadrants. The bottom two quadrants are the penis brain and the little boy. The top two quadrants are the rational brain and the mature man. It takes an effort for us to work in the upper quadrants, when we’re lazy we go to the bottom quadrants. The size of each quadrant varies with each man.That’s why the woman’s charms work occassionally, but not all the time.

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@Adirondackwannabe that is quite profound. I wouldn’t have understood the $100 bill one. :) which may mean you are using your two top quadrants most the time loll. Never mind..

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@Just_Justine Thats how toasted my brain was to come up with that imagery.

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