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In business and in life just how powerful are womanly charms?

Asked by Just_Justine (6486points) February 20th, 2010

I have worked in business environments many years. I can still remember the early 80’s when women dressed in suites with short hair in order to gain respect and “fit in”. I guess I have worked in a male dominated area for many years.

Things have changed. It seems women (some) have pulled no punches. We have some females that look as though they have walked out of a top porn shot to their desk. It seems these women are “winning” using a powerful combination of the smartys mixed with pure sex. In this male dominated environment they move top executives and directors with as much effort as playing chess with their pinky fingers. I am stunned. One particular lady arrives at our place of business half dressed with her bazookas a hair breadth away from nipple exposure. Why and how do men fall for this? This lady although bright, has not brought in a stitch of business but gets very special attention. Like extended guaranteed salaries. In general though how powerful is the feminine ability? In which ways can they be used to conquer. I think although disgusted, I am learning from Miss Bazooka and want to clarify this?

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