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I need a starch suggestion to be paired with a Roasted Salmon with a Citrus Beurre Blanc?

Asked by mslee48503 (7points) February 21st, 2010

It is for a plated Dinner.

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Sauteed parsnips are surprisingly rich in flavor. The sugars caramelize, giving a nice texture, and they are delicious. I slice them thinly in about two inch lengths, and then sautee slowly in butter.

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Tater Tots.I dare you ;)

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Cous cous, orzo pasta or rice with parsley.

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Jasmine rice.

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Mashed root vegetables—parsnips and potatoes are best. You sautee the parnsips, like @dpworkin suggested and boil the potatoes, then mash with butter and milk like usual. Delightful.

I also have to second Lucille’s suggestion. Homemade tater tots with cheese (I can’t remember if my friend who makes them uses gruyere or brie—I thought it was gruyere, my fiance thinks brie) are amazing. You can call them something else if you want “fried potato dumplings” or “short potato cakes” or whatever, but they are fabulous. Kind of a pain in the butt to make, though.

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Try a combination of root veggies. My favorite combo is turnips, yams and potatoes. Slice them almost paper-thin and saute until crisp.

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try a nice mango salsa and boiled baby red potatoes

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Little potatoes! Little red ones, or fingerlings or my local Trader Joe’s has fun bags of mixed red and purple potatoes.

The red/purple ones can simply be cooked in an uncovered skillet with a little oil, salt and pepper.

Some quick and simple recipes:

Roasted fingerling potatoes

Boiled fingerling potatoes

Boiled red potatoes with parsley,1650,147177-230203,00.html

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I vote for rice or those small potatoes.
I love the tater tot suggestion. So out of place yet the audacity of it makes me curious.

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If you really want to be adventurous, try Quinoa ( keen-wa).

It’s quicker cooking than rice and much more nutritious. Just rinse it several times beforehand. Use the same proportions of liquid as you would with rice, but takes only 20 mins.

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@dpworkin Wow…I’m salivating. What an answer! But I must add my pedestrian response:

I invariably go with rice as a starch with fish…just seem to go together…“fish ‘n rice.”
For your dish, based on the flavors you already have—although you didn’t mention how you prepared the salmon—I would use a favorite brand of yellow rice, smaller packet for two, larger for four people, etc. You’ve omitted how many you’re serving as well. Usually twenty minutes is the slow-boiling time for the rice. During the last five minutes, (don’t let them see the cans!) Open a can of minced clams, and a can of sliced mushrooms. Drain the mushrooms well, but leave a little of the liquid in the clams…add them both to the yellow rice for the last five minutes of cooking. Another option, to add color, perhaps, dice a portion of red bell pepper into the mix for the last five minutes as well.
But still, I’d rather have dp’s parsnips!

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I’ve never bought or cooked parsnips, and don’t recall even eating them.

Areading this thread, I plan to change that.

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