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Attach music to a PowerPoint?

Asked by PacificToast (1605points) February 21st, 2010

How does one attach music to a PowerPoint presentation? It would be music from iTunes that would be attached to the Microsoft program. Step by step instructions would be wonderful. Thank you.

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I just opened up PowerPoint on my Mac, and if you go to Insert > Sound and Music and choose one of the options, you should have this done in a few moments. I just tried it with an iTunes file, and it worked perfectly. Before the file is actually inserted, you can choose between having the file played automatically or to play when clicked (a speaker icon appears to click on).

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Since you are using Microsoft, you can search for step by step instructions if you click on the help button. I encountered this issue not long ago. No matter where you get the music, the PP program must be able to locate the music file. If you embed it in your PP, the music file must be on your computer and is best if you save it in the same file folder as your PP presentation just in case you transfer the presentation to another computer. If you use it as a link to iTunes, then whatever computer plays the presentation has to be online to access the file. I recommend embedding it in your presentation and saving the music file in the same folder. FYI: to add music, click on Insert, then on Sound at the far right. then on Sound from File. Hope this helps.

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@ptarnbsn I believe that’s the very first time I have heard anything or anybody not related to Microsoft, living or otherwise, either say or write or type anything that would somehow relate to the recommendation of the use of any sort of Microsoft help system, suite, etc. You got them guts.

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The easiest way is to embed the music into the presentation. Go to the first slide of your presentation. Click on the top tab that says “Animations” – next to Transitions, change “No Sound” by clicking on the downward arrow and choose “Other Sound”. Search for your music file on your computer. No need to click to start. The music will be embedded and will play throughout your presentation. Also “wav” files work best so download free program such as Switch Sound Converter to convert any music file to wav.

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