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Who cheats more....women or men?

Asked by cornbird (1747points) February 21st, 2010

It is generally common for the man to be cheating on his girl, but I have seen many relationships where it is the other way around. Honestly, who cheats more, women or men?

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Its not who cheats more, the problem is that there’s cheating in the first place. =/

my dad is cheating on my mum, if that helps your study.

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I don’t think we really know. Extra-pair copulation is adaptive for both sexes. That of women is probably under-reported.

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How can we possibly quantify this? We can’t so there is no answer to this.

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Actually, it is statistically measurable:

” 22 percent of married men have strayed at least once during their married lives.
14 percent of married women have had affairs at least once during their married lives.”


There are some other interesting statistics at that site too.

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There’s no way to verify with accuracy. The “evidence” is anecdotal.

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@marinelife That’s what I meant by under-reported incidence in women. Common sense tells us that it is probably about 50/50.

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My wife cheats at monopoly but then I cheat at cards.The kids still win, damn.

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Men, obviously.

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This is very easy to extrapolate, since the women tend to already have someone waiting for them when they break up !

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When a man is cheating, a woman needs to as well.

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Assuming there are an equal number of men and women in the world the answer has to be 50/50 unless a few women are hogging all the guys.

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@worriedguy not necessarily, there could be a whole bunch of married men dating each other on the side !!

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@RareDenver damn straight. I mean…uh, fail.

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The only way to get a real gripped answer of this would be to survey. Men and women cheat. But I think that it’s put out there more that men cheat more than women do.

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@pdworkin I don’t think common sense tells us anything about this situation. There is a boilogical imperative for men to spread their seed, while for women seeking a powerful protector and staying with him while offspring are produced is the biological imperative.

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well, as all i have is my own personal experience to go on i would say women cheat more as i never have and never would. however i get the feeling that some global level statistics would soon prove me wrong.

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Both equally. Anyone who thinks the opposite sex cheats more than the other is being biased.

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Ask the multitude of men I work with who are on their 2nd and 3rd families/marriages and they’ll say the women cheat more. Ask the ex partners of those men and they’ll say it’s the men who cheat more. I used to assume it was the men because everyone throws out their makeup of nature to spread the most seed while they live but from the people in my life so far, it seems about equally sad.

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Cheating kind of depends on what kind of relationship you are in at the time. I suspect that there are more cases of single women getting involved with married men than then there are of married women getting involved with single men. I suspect that if married women want to cheat, they are more likely to do it with a married man.

If there are certain women who get involved with married man after married man, then it seems like the data could be accurate: men cheat at higher rates then women, simply because some women have more partners than the average cheating man does.

It’s just a theory, and I came up with it because I know a number of women like this. Aagh! It’s way to complicated!

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In short more men cheat but women who cheat are more active. So the Catholic Church was right, women are either saints or sinners…and all men are dogs.

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I have to agree with @dpworkin . Cheating by women is probably underreported and there is no way to make self-report measures of extramarital sexual copulation sufficiently reliable to make useful inferences.

Men may be more inclined to report such behaviour in anonymous surveys than women are.
Women use denial or rationalization more effectively to deny their infidelity. This may be influenced by their greater need to preserve a stable financial environment for their families.

I suspect the proportion of women and men who have sexual relations outside their marriage to be roughly equal.

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