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To what depths would you allow yourself to sink to save the life of the one you love most?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) February 21st, 2010

How low would you go?

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As much as I could but I have no desire to leave my kids with neither parent.So any action taken would have to consider them primarily,

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All the way down. I’d break the golden rule and all 7 commandments for my loved ones.

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Lower than a worm’s belly.yep,that’s it

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Wow. Intense question.

I don’t know. I can hypothesize however much I want, but in that decisive moment, I’m unsure how far I’d go or what opportunities would be available to me. I’d like to think that I’d do anything to save my loved one(s). Whether its an impulsive reaction or a well-thought-out choice, I think I’d sacrifice myself.

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I don’t understand this question. What is “low”, and how does one “go” there? Is it low to shoot a dangerous armed criminal? Is it low to steal Kraft American Singles from the Wal*Mart?

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Use your imagination.

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20,000 leagues

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I would have gladly died in her place.

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I wouldn’t sink to any depths…I would, however, go to those places to find and help her, until it proved she could not be helped or didn’t/doesn’t want my help.

Then it would be adios baby…

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There’s a certain point where a person, in order to be saved, needs to help themself and no one outside of them can salvage them any more…I’d go as low as that point. Or ideally I would, but my heart would probably take me a little further.

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I would die, maybe kill a few people.

Then again, I am not sure if I can say that with complete honesty, I have never been in the situation. As far as I know, that is what I would do.

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I would do anything in the world for a person that I love. My brother and sister or my fiancé. I would kill, torture, and die for them. Anything they need I will do it and never second guess it. I love them all with eveything and I feel that my life would not be the same with out them abd would do litterly anything to keep them in my life and safe.

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I dont know if I’d kill another person. Perhaps I’d risk my own life/sacrifice myself.

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The worst I can imagine is having the money to buy black market organs since several people I care for and love will need organ transplants at some point. It’s not an issue for me now since it’s not possible but if it were, I’m not sure I could say I wouldn’t pay.

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Well, if it’s about “low” I wouldn’t go much. I don’t think one can save another from a “low” point. From a low point I would need to get stronger in order to help anyone with anything, let alone their life.
But I would go far. How far? Surely anything I can do without harming myself in any way that isn’t reversible. Further? if it actually felt like the right thing to do, if saving that life would actually seem more important than to live mine, keeping in mind that sometimes Ican’t controll or know about another person’s time-to-go.

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i would die, but i wouldn’t kill anyone or sell my soul.

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I would think the question is to what heights would you rise, with self-sacrifice as the highest point possible.

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I don’t know. I have no way of knowing. We’ll have to find out. I doubt I would become a prostitute or something like that. I doubt how “necessary” that could ever be. There is always another way.

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I’d stoop as low as possible, and get onto the floor if necessary

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I would abandon my pride and my own security to safe my wife.

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Saving the one you love is the highest achievement one can possible achieve.

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I would sink to the point of knowing my efforts were futile. This is where a decision must be made as to whether I will try to rise or continue to sink with him. I can imagine scenarios where I might make a decision either way.

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I would go as low as it took. I would do absolutely anything to save the one I love.

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No one called me on the missing 3 commandants

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