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Have you ever thought about putting it all into a book?

Asked by babaji (1440points) February 21st, 2010

Knowing that you have mastered some things in your life, and you have incredible experiences you could share with a passion, Have you wanted to put it in a book, so that we could all experience some things with you?

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Yes, been planning on writing another book when my life becomes interesting.

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I have, yes – many have suggested it and I probably will write it up but maybe not in a book form.

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My wife and I had written a draft of a book about her struggles and experiences. I translated her writings from French and she provided illustrations. Her death left about half the illustrations unfinished and me with no desire to publish, too painful. I may consign it to the flames.

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No. Because no one would read it.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Oh no don’t do that, you will be destroying a part of your lovely wife. Please….. don’t do it.

It might actually help you if you took up attempting to complete the book. Then you will feel a sense of achievement.

Another step forward…..

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I think most people’s lives would be incredible books/movies. If I were to make something of my life that documents it in any way, it’d probably be a movie since yeah, I can write but my attention span doesn’t allow me to write for very long.

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I am in the process of editing an autobiography for a friend of mine. I thought I knew her quite well, but never knew about her childhod.
It is fascinating, and has made me think about writing one myself.

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@partyparty I’ll probably just file it away; it hurts too much to look at it now.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Yes I really do understand, but please don’t destroy it, you will regret it in the long term.
It can always stay in a cupboard until you are ready…... one day?

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They say there is a book in everyone.

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As more years go by, aye, I’d put my life down in a book. Not sure whether I’d be a hero or villian tho…

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@partyparty She was offered a publishing contract, but hadn’t signed it. I sent it back unsigned. It costs nothing to put it away on a shelf. I can’t imagine ever being in a state of mind to finish or publish. The missing illustrations could be substituted by photos. The last chapters were a sort of joint autobiography; I’m not a public figure and have no desire to be.

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That might be part of my retirement plan: tell the tales of working in manholes in San Francisco.
Call it Tales from the Underground.

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Probably not, as I hear word of mouth is the best way to experience many things. Perhaps an audio book if I die before grandchildren can hear it?

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Nah…why give up all my secrets? :)

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Different friends at different times in my life, have suggested that I write a book. I intend to, but not so much for entertainment, as much as curiosity and information for my children.

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I have thought about it, but I’d probably put it into a screenplay instead.

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Never really thought of this, I don’t think anything really exciting happened to me that people would be interested in, and therefore, would have to rely on a distinctively colorful writing style, which I don’t have.

Of course, it might be a better read if I just added zombies everywhere.

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I thought about a series of short stories about how my actions were misinterpreted as maternalism. Title: I’m Not Yo Mama!

So far the only thing that has stopped me is a lack of literary talent.

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A kiss & tell perhaps.No Angelina i’d never do that. Our secret is safe…oops!!

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Quote by my former friend, mentor, teacher, James Jones, award-winning author of “From Here to Eternity” “Some Came Running,” many others. One day he said to me:
“The greatest novel you’ll ever read is the story of your own life.”

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Not so much things I’ve mastered, but certainly some very interesting experiences there.

My life could probably make several Hollywood films. My day routine has involved being chased by helicopters and gunmen, incredible love stories, amazing coincidences that can only be explained metaphysically, social drama and intriguing detective stories. It could fill hours of documentaries, an extremely long soap-opera or several action movies. No wonder it’s already interested TV and newspapers, and someone is writing a play about it.

I also started a book last year, but was not happy with the result, so I stopped it. Started it again last week, hoping to edit it later once it’s done.

I did not ask for any of this, but it happened anyway.

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I’ve thought of it. I even started a blog where I put some stuff that might go in such a book, but about three people read it, so I don’t think it’s worth doing. My life isn’t all that interesting, although if I were a good writer, that wouldn’t matter. Every once in a while, someone says they think I write well, but given the overall response (or lack thereof), I’d have to say they are part of a infinitesimal minority of people who think that. It would be nice, though, to write a book. I don’t think it’s in me.

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Na, its all been said and done before, got better things to do than write a book. Just me.

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Maybe. We’ll see.

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Yes, I have written a book about my life, but I am such a poor writer that no one would be the least bit interested in reading it.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land One day you just might be in the right frame of mind. I can tell you are thinking about it by ‘The missing illustrations could be substituted by photographs’.

This may be the start of ‘one step forward’. It would keep you close to your wife all the time you were putting it together.

Keep it on the shelf and perhaps one day you will look at it, dust it off, and complete the work your wife started. What an achievement that would be.

PS Put my name down for a copy of it LOL

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@partyparty The publisher told me that the ms will be commercially worthless if not published soon. I told them that I don’t care.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Perhaps that is just a ploy to put pressure on you. There are many other publishers… only when you are ready… it’s your manuscript…

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