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Ladies, What do you think about foot fetishes?

Asked by Mikelbf2000 (1121points) February 21st, 2010

I have a foot fetish. I know some people are cool with it while others are not. I would like to know how alot of ladies feel about it.

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An excuse to buy more shoes.

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Does nothing for me.

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Stay the eff away from my feet, or you’ll probably have one in your face or the groin…

I don’t like touching my own feet, don’t like when people touch mine, don’t like looking at feet unless they’re baby feet, blaghhhh.

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It’s not my thing. I wouldn’t mind someone liking by big ol’ un-pedicured feet, and I can’t complain about extra foot massages. But I wouldn’t be into someone focusing a whole lot on them.

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Kinda grosses me out. I’m not one of those people who hates feet, but I don’t understand how they can turn someone on.

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I adore men who love my feet. I have gorgeous feet (sorry sound vain loll) but they have been admired for years. Just knowing that they turn on a man, makes me happy. I don’t thoroughly understand it, I know it has a bit to do with domination and humiliation? Some guys can be very specific about what they like you to do with you feet. I wont go into details here!! But I love it, as I am proud of my tootsies.

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I don’t care about it. I think I would not like someone to love me more for my feet than anything else.

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I have cute feet, as well (and toes), but, really don’t like anyone sucking on my toes. Fingers? Yes.

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It’s not very interesting to me and I never really think of it.

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I guess I don’t notice too much, unless feet are really ugly and/or gross. I can admire attractive feet, but I don’t get worked up over them.
I did have a man molest (for lack of a better word) my feet once. I was buying shoes,
wearing a skirt and hose. It was back when you went in a shoe store and the employees helped you try on the shoes, measured your feet with the Brannock device, and went in the back room and got the shoes for you to try on.
He (a very attractive younger man) sat on the shoe fitting stool in front of me and took off my shoes. One foot at a time, as he measured me, he touched them all over, caressing really. Up to my ankle and down to my toes, “for accuracy as he explained”.
He tried several pairs of shoes on me, taking his time with each, he always brought my foot back to the stool that he was sitting on, and held it high on the footrest very near his crotch.
I was young, and pretty naive, but after a while I was getting creeped out enough to just tell him I would do it myself.

When he stood up with a noticeable hard-on I got the heck out of there.

So did he have a foot fetish or was he just a creepy guy?

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@wilma Sounds like both. Ew.

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I can’t relate to getting sexually aroused by looking at feet. If it were my guy then I’d want to feel secure that he liked all of me and not mostly my feet then I’d let him indulge because I love my feet touched, rubbed and spoiled.

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Back years ago, maybe in the 70s, we had this male that had a foot fetish deluxe. most of his activity occured in the summer, when women mostly wore sandals or flip flops. in addition to having a foot fetish, he was also a stalker. he would follow a certain woman for days, before making his attack. his attack was waiting until the right moment. he liked attention, so most of his attacks were made in the daytime, with plenty of people around. after attacking his 10th person, we were pressured into finding this person and making an arrest. this was not an easy task. finally, an informant gave the information we needed to make an arrest. the suspect was a homeless person, living underneath a downtown bridge. he was identified by at least three victims as their attacker. oh, i forgot to tell you his manner of attack. he was a foot-stomper. he would attack women by stomping on their instep of their foot and breaking their ankle. this person was a weird duck. he also collected womens shoes. his cardboard box was loaded with used women shoes. go figure.

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Not high (or even on) the list of things I brood about.

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I never really noticed a woman’s feet until I got on A/B and this site. There are a wide range of feet, some that are very attractive and some that aren’t and everything in between. What’s strange is I don’t know what it is that makes the difference.

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Not my thing, but more power to anyone into it.

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My feet are my best feature. Check them out all you want.

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Nope, I think it is nasty and disgusting. I don’t like people staring at my feet, and I sure as hell will kick a guy in the jawif he tried sucking on my toes. First of all baby feet are cute, but once they start walking, its no longer cute. Who knows what is on the floor, and all the bacteria, ewwww.

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If it’s safe, legal, and doesn’t hurt anyone, I’m all for it

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@Violet tell that to some of the anti foot fetish people in this comment thread. They act like im some sort of creep. Maybe I should remember this when I try to be understanding with others personal things.

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What’s the medical term for paw fetish? I am nuts about Milo’s four feet, even though he doesn’t wear shoes…yet.

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@Mikelbf2000 I don’t think a foot fetish makes you a creep.
I’m not sure I understand exactly what a foot fetish is all about, but you aren’t bothering me in the least.:)

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I’m down with it. It’s a totally harmless fetish to have. I don’t understand it, but it’s a lot less weird than some fetishes, that’s for sure… It’d probably be difficult for me to let my partner indulge if they were into that though, because my feet are incredibly ticklish.

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There was a guy in college I was in the early stages of seeing who only wanted to get close to my feet. It was more the selfishness than the fetish that irritated me about him. It was weird; he didn’t want me touching him at all, he wasn’t interested in hugging me or otherwise interacting with me in any way except for my feet. When a fetish is expressed like that? HUGE turn-off. It’s like, “Hey, you, dude, there’s a person here! Not just a pair of feet!”

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Okay, this is a guy’s opinion. There are some people REALLY into women’s feet, like the guy @aprilsimnel just mentioned. I don’t get that at all, but I’ll admit to getting pretty damned aroused by a woman with perfect feet. I’m not into anything creepy, but there’s something very sexy and feminine about a well-shaped and well-maintained foot. I don’t know why, but there just is. I’m a sucker for a woman in a sun dress and sandals.

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