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What period of time would you live in?

Asked by ChaosCross (2340points) February 21st, 2010

If you could choose from any time (other than the future), where you go to live? Why? Who whould you meet? Why?

A high up one on my list is medieval 12th century so I could have fun with swords!


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The Present. Because the past sucked.

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The late 60s, early 70s. Free love and revolution. Ahhh…

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Early Roman Empire, the era of Augustus. But I would want to be rich. Otherwise I don’t think it would be a lot of fun.

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Now, forget all the romanticism of looking at the past through rose tinted goggles, the fact is, we’ve never had it so good, it’s called progress.

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I would live in Paris in the 1890s, the Golden Age.

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I’m black so I’m gonna have to stick with the present.

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@RareDenver I have to disagree bruh, even though we have plenty of technological advancements and equality (to a degree) today. You can’t simply put on violet-tinted goggles and act like everything sucked.

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Any time that there’s been a revolution of the mind, and heart. The Reniassance, the flapper days, the 60’s, any time there was a movement for the better of the world.

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@ChaosCross actually these are blue Avatar tinted goggles, me so depressed

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I loved being 18 in 1968. That was good enough.

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@RareDenver Good one, you win the discussion.

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As part of an Inuit culture in the 15th or 16th century.

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if im not allowed to take modern technology back with me i would stay put.

if i can take modern technology back with me i would take a bunch of UZI’s and other things back to medieval times and convince a random king that i am god and go about conquering the world.

alternatively, if i can only take money and move back and fourth in time, i would deposit some cash in the first interest paying bank and gradually travel forwards in periods of 50 to 80 years leaving the cash to my self as until modern day, thus becoming super rich.

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I’m cool with where and when I am.

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I’ll go with Ireland, pre-Roman/Christian invasion.

About the mid-to-late Iron age, when year-and-a-day trial marriages were encouraged, women and men held equal rights, and the gods were content to make the seasons turn in peace, without all that “abomination” talk.

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Prime Time.

What can I say? I love TV.

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Fantasy – Japanese Edo/Samurai period.

Other than that I like living in this time period.

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Hmmm….10 minutes from now.I like attainable goals ;)

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This time period is pretty amazing, but if I could just visit for a week, I’d like to go to Victorian England, particularly London. Perhaps the Golden Age of Versailles? I love the fashion of the period.

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Renaissance Europe, so I can wear those pretty dresses, or the present, so I can actually have rights.

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I want to visit the 50s and see if it was really as cool as it looks in the movies. Of course then I’d probably end up a housewife… (Uhhh, in this hypothetical question, we do get to come back at some point, right? ;)

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1861–1959 should have been my lifespan.

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The Holy Roman Empire of the 16th century. All I have to do is look at the paintings of Pieter Bruegel and I’m already there. But rather than a peasant, I’d be a landsknecht mercenary, swing a ridiculously large two-handed sword, and wear an outrageous codpiece. Ohhhhh yeeaahhh.

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Except that the Holy Roman Empire was just about powerless in the 16th century, and you’d die quite quickly if hampered by such a large weapon if you did end up in the Roman Empire.

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The Holy Roman Empire as a geographical area – not as a functioning, ruling government. Would it be clearer to you if I simply (and inaccurately) said “the area of Europe that would eventually become Germany?” And I know full well the advantages and limitations of a bidenhander, thank you. Silly Vulcan.

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The late 19th century. When it was possible to be middle-class with out working like a dog.

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San Francisco in the 1930’s, 40’s. Not crowded, low crime, gorgeous scenery, clean air/water, love the music but still had access to some pharmaceuticals.
Or Key West.

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The 16th. I think it was a highly interesting time culturally in Europe…however due to the steep class divides I would like to simply be a fly on the wall. :)

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