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Why does everybody love Halo?

Asked by TheArbiter (122points) February 21st, 2010

I’ve noticed that the Halo series is essentially one of the most popular games ever. can anybody explain WHY everybody loves a game where a robot shoots aliens and has marines cuss the dead aliens out?

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Probably because of the near perfect online features, Halo 2 notably.

Just a guess. Never played those.

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I don’t. However, the, at the time, amazing online and split-screen multi-player options available made the game a popular party and tournament game.

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It has some of the most innovative online multiplayer features around, allowing people to play with guests or other registered users on the same console. The graphics are extremely good for the time it was made, and the use of various vehicles and weapons enhances the gameplay greatly. The campaign is not much to get worked up about, but the multiplayer tops most other games in terms of customization ability, variety, and dependability. Also, the fact that players can customize the maps and play them with friends it a great addition to the game. It also contains the biggest variety of game types and map layouts I have ever seen, topping those of gears of war, call of duty, and resistance.

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I don’t.
But halo was in the right place at the right time. Like World of Warcraft.
Now it’s just popular because it’s already popular, a perpetual motion machine.

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I think everybody is a rather bold claim.However to answer your question,it’s a popular franchise because their games are very good. Particularly online.

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For me, it’s all about the storyline and the multiplayer mode. I haven’t found a fps game that I like more than Halo. I don’t really play very many games, but Halo was one that just sort of clicked, and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. The only thing I don’t like about it is how repetitive the levels can be.

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Halo was the first “modern” FPS for consoles. It gave us the current dual thumbstick layout.

Halo: Combat Evolved-
Graphics- amazing for 2001.
Storyline- easy to follow, and had everything there for the super nerds (myself included.)
Multiplayer- brought the deathmatch (for consoles) out of the Goldeneye days, made it fun and entertaining. Allowed for system link, hilarity ensued.

This is the game that sold Xbox’s for Microsoft.

Halo 2-
Basically revolutionized Xbox Live, took what was great about Halo’s multiplayer and put it on steroids. Max players doubled from 8 to 16. Made Xbox Live successful for Microsoft. Dual Wielding was a nice addition.

Halo 3-
Not my favorite (that’s Halo 2 for its MP). Graphics were sexy, but it was super hyped, didn’t live up to it for me. Storyline was still awesome, gameplay was cool. I didn’t care for the power-ups. Forge was cool for about a month. Those damn armor types really got me hooked though. Well played, Bungie. (What killed it on Live IMO was CoD 4: MW)

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I can’t stand Halo.

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I like Guitar Hero.

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First person shooters are historically PC games. The original Halo was one of the first games to adequately bring the FPS experience to consoles. The second game introduced the masses (i.e. console gamers) to the world of competitive online multi-player. For the most part, both of these games are fairly overrated, but because they were the first to bring the PC experience to consoles, they gained a huge fan-base. The newer Halo games are entirely outclassed by their competition, but they still outsell everybody due to their prior success and marketing base.

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@Ivan Historically PC games. Now they don’t make enough for the computer anymore. I don’t want to spend $350 for a FPS that will never feel natural to me due to that stupid analog stick.

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I’m somebody… and I don’t even know what it is

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It is not so muchHalo any more than CODMW, but halo is still an awesome game!

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Halo was the first FPS to be done well on a console. Just as Morrowind was the first RPG to be done well on a console. The Xbox had the advantage of two joysticks (thumbsticks), which are essential because you use one to move in two axis, and the other to look in two axis, simulataneously. The original Playstation 1 had two thumbsticks on the controller, but it didn’t quite have the power for games like Halo and Morrowind.

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@HungryGuy Just as Morrowind was the first RPG to be done well on a console.

Say what? You mean the first PC to console RPG I hope.

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Actually I know a lot of people who don’t like halo. Though I personally do quite like it. The reason Halo excelled ahead of the competition was because of a great opening game. The original Halo:Combat Evolved was one of the first shooters to have large multiplayer maps with vehicles land based and flying. People just enjoyed the many aspects it offered. And so even with better games out around the same time as halo 2 and 3 people still bought them for their popular name.

He isn’t a robot.

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I played Halo 3 online once. I love Modern Warfare 2 online. I like the weapons on MW2 better. Personal Preferance really. Maybe if I had an Xbox 360 I would play Halo alot more.

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Halo was innovative, but to todays standards, it only appeals to those who have been with the series for a while.

Halo is to Call of Duty as Jimmy Hendrix is to The Beatles. Oh snap!

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I used to really play Halo, and be allll into it. But then COD came around and Halo just wasn’t doing it for me! But I pretty much hate Gaylo now, along with Gears Of War.

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I love first person shooters, but I hate Halo. It’s just not my thing. Now Bioshock on the other hand… that’s a game I can rave about.

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Thanks everyone, I personally am a halo fan but I just wanted to know WHY I enjoyed it.

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@TheArbiter how would WE know why YOU enjoy it?

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I like it as a party game because of the ability to have multiple players on one console. The game that did have that before Halo 3 was CoD 3, which is still my favorite online game. I never play Halo 3 unless I have friends over. I usually just stick to the CoD: MW2.

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I like it because of the experiences I’ve had playing it with some of my closest friends.

Also, btw, Master Chief is not a robot.

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Everybody doesn’t.

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@Symbeline – Well, yes, Morrowind was ported from PC to console. But, still, it was the first RPG to be done well on a console, IMHO.

Now, there’s still one genre of games that don’t work well on consoles: “sandbox games” like The Sims, Roller Coaster Tycoon, etc. These games demand a keyboard and mouse. Controllers are a poor substitute for a kb and mouse.

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“it was the first RPG to be done well on a console”

Ever heard of Final Fantasy?

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@HungryGuy You’re either extremely picky, or you have never played video games before 2002.

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@Ivan – I’ve played some of the older FF games, like FF7 and FF8.

(** SPOILER **) The story lines are pretty good (the tear-jerker aspect of FF7 came totally unexpected), but I don’t like how they force you down a “track” from the start of the game to the end. Sure, getting the Highwind in FF7 or when the Garden becomes an aircraft in FF8 opens up the world to go wherever you want, but you’re still forced down a track until the end.

And don’t get me started on the battle systems of older RPGs. Each side lines up on each side of the arena and takes turns bashing each other, and then you stand idly by while the other side takes its turn to bash you.

Now, the FF games are good games and all, but a game like Morrowind makes you feel like you’re really living in the world rather than just controlling a party of cartoon characters just waiting for the next random battle, and the next, and the next… to interrupt you while you’re walking from town to town.

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@HungryGuy You seem to not realize that RPG’s all have sub genres though. FF is turn based/active which explains the battle scheme, Diablo is action rpg, and Morrowind is action/sandbox, there’s also tactical…I do get what you’re saying, but preferences and dislikes don’t mean that a game wasn’t “well done”.
Giving you lurve anyway, just so you know I’m not tryna get in a fight or nothing.

Final Fantasy ftw :D

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@Symbeline – Thanks! I know you’re not trying to get in a fight! Besides, if you and I were to fight, I’d rather do it in person with both of us covered in butter sauce and whipped cream :-p

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@HungryGuy Don’t forget maple syrup and oysters…wait wut. XD

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@Symbeline – Oysters???? Now that’s kinky :-p

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