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Has anyone noticed that sometimes when you give Lurve on fluther, double or sometimes treble the points register?

Asked by lloydbird (8730points) February 21st, 2010

Now it could just be coincidence, but it does seem to occur rather a lot. Have you noticed this?

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No. I could see it happening though.

There’s a glitch in the Matrix!

(Post Lolcat here.)

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I think it’s just what happens when multiple people give lurve at about the same time, then when you click it updates the page at your end with all that lurvely lurve

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Yes, I’ve noticed it a lot. But I just thought it was what @RareDenver said.

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I think @RareDenver is correct. I notice this phenomenon now and then and just figure several of us at once are responding favorably to the same post. It’s not unusual when the post is fresh; a lot of people could be watching.

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No. Let’s try and see. Everybody lurve me and we’ll all count. ;)

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@AstroChuck I could lurve you to death but your lurve won’t go up. I am so maxed out on you!

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In more in depth detail, what @RareDenver is trying to say is that, the actual link you’re clicking to give the “Great Answer” is not in real time. Hence, some people might have already given that particular quip scores before you have refreshed the page. Next time you’re reading a new topic and want to give a GA try hitting refresh first and you’ll see what I mean.

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