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Do you think that bullying has increased in schools today?

Asked by cookie0828 (19points) February 21st, 2010

Do you know any statistics that say’s that bullying has increased in schools today??? Please leave the link below.
Thank you!!

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Why do you need to know? Last minute homework?

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no it’s not last minute just it’s for a project

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I’m guessing it has not.

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no stats, but I’m almost positive the answer is YES.

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All I know is that in my mom and dad’s day, bullying happened all the time and no one did anything about it. It was just “boys will be boys” and all that. To me, it seems that people are much more strict about bullying. It isn’t tolerated at all.

It also depends on where you live of course. You’re less likely to get bullied for being LGBT in a liberal area, obviously.

I tried to find stats, couldn’t really. Google is your friend, though.

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thanks @DominicX I really apreaciate it!!

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I’d be willing to bet there isn’t more bullying now than in the past, but that it is more out in the open and that it’s more common than in the past for the bullies to use lethal weapons rather than fists or words.

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I am not aware of any statistics, but from my experience of 55 years, there has been a change of perception. Bullying was very common in schools when I was a child, as was fighting. I know, having been a victim of it many times, with school teachers rarely, if ever, getting involved. Although unofficially bullying was proscribed conduct, in fact, generally, this was tolerated to the extent that it did not disrupt the classroom. Now there is much more sensitivity to the issue and behavior which a grade school teacher would never have even blinked at 45 years ago is considered a cause for discipline.

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No, not increased, but more recognized as the serious issue that it really is. It used to be called “boys will be boys” and nobody cared, but now it is acknowledged as the hate crime it really is.

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Actually for teachers is has decreased. 60 years ago teachers were bullying students. Today they know that this isn’t very effective and learning works a lot better in a positive context.

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I don’t think there is more bullying nowadays but the attitude to bullying and what is considered bullying has changed since the days of my grandfather’s childhood and my father’s childhood. For example, my grandfather was always encouraged to “hit them back” if someone hit him first. Apparently even the schools turned a blind eye to self defence violence because “it served the bully right”. People stood up for themselves more and so, according to grandad, kids often resolved their differences between themselves and so. My dad says that it was similar to this in his day too.

My experience to school and bullying was very different. There was a group of girls that made two years of my school life absolute hell and the teachers were constantly telling me to “ignore them and they will go away”. This just made it worse because I was considered weak for not being able to stand up for myself. They did eventually get bored and move onto the next person but it took them two years to do so. I often wonder if things would have been very different had I have stood up for myself a little more.

I’m not saying that violence is the answer but sometimes ignoring the situation doesn’t work.

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