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Will the generation under ours lose all what is good to enjoy in life......... to being on the internet all day?

Asked by audiomind5 (30points) March 4th, 2008

The internet is dominating our social lives and are the young ones destined to never get to fully enjoy going outside to play with their friends or going to a local arcade and grabbing a few slurpies and sitting by the curb talking with your buddies…. when all they will be doing is chatting surfing or playing world of warcraft?

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This is where the iPhone (and future mobile Internet devices, MIDs) come in to play. Take the Internet with you in your day to day life! I’m like never at my comp unless I’m playing WoW.

Whaaaat?!! I have to! I’m a healer in an end-game guild…

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The same thing was probably said in the 1920s about telephones and in the 1950s about television. I’m not terribly concerned.

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Online activity can be more fulfilling than outside activity.

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I think they will look at our lives just as we look at the old days now. I don’t envy the youth of the past at all so I doubt today’s youth are any different.

It will always seem a shame to us though that today’s children don’t enjoy the same things we did because we remember it so fondly.

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Now, before I answer, I’m going to clarify that I am one of those “young ones”. This answer is from a mature, 13 year old girl.

Not all is lost. Look at all the other things that kids are doing. Sports, clubs, lessons, hanging out with friends… You say that the internet takes away from childhood memories, but on the contrary, I think it boosts it. They talk to each other now more than ever. Kids today still get together and go shopping.

Now, on the other side, there is sometimes overusage. Kids are getting lazy and fat, drooling in front of screens. Luckily, that is not a HUGE percentage, and steps are being taken.

Yes, I’m sure that it’ll all come to pass, like the hype about other technology.

get together and go shopping.

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i think, moderation in most things works best. I never was an outside kid, tho I was outside a lot more when I was younger than my daughter. She hates the outdoors. But, being online never stops us from shopping, movies, vacations.

The iphone thing, tho I have one, drives me nuts. Especially when ppl are driving and can’t seem to put it down. That’s a whole new thread….

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