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Anyone have the QUE navigator (GPS)?

Asked by Zen_Again (9901points) February 21st, 2010

Happy with it? Tips?


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IGO Amigo, i.e.

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Hey Zen Man, how you goin???

This question didn’t seem to spark much conversation, hey.

We have a Tom Tom in the car and I use a handheld Garmin to run in the bush (or now the sugar cane fields!) and both are excellent. I am not familiar with the QUE.

Nice to see you again anyhow!

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@rooeytoo Hey buddy – I was just thinking about you and how we must be missing each other lately because of the time dif.

I just got this new GPS and I asked the question when I could barely even use it – hoping to get some tips and also to hear about whether it had been a smart purchase.

No worries. How you been?

(I am enjoying it, btw.)

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@Zen_Again – I have moved back to civilization and am loving it. Adjusting to a new area, starting a new business, all sorts of things, sooooooooo not as much time to Fluther.

GPS units are great but you still have to use your head. Ours sometimes takes us on the “scenic route” without asking if that is our choice. Other than that, they are fantastic. No longer have to pull over and check the atlas or try to refold unrefoldable maps!

All is well, thanks for asking. How bout you dude???

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