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Do I have to boil fresh lasagna noodles first?

Asked by Zone36 (413points) February 21st, 2010

I’m making some fresh lasagna noodles from scratch. Do I need to boil them first before building the lasagna or can I just use them as is? As is, will they cook enough in the oven?

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If they are truly fresh, home made noodles, you shouldn’t have to boil them.

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Sure you do. But just for a minute or two.

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what @dpworkin said. I haven’t made lasagna with home made noodles in a long time but I always cooked them first.

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Yes, the gluten in the flour needs to be boiled for a moment, or the lasagne will fall apart in your sauce.

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Oh really? I’ve always just let the noodles soak for a bit. Then again, I’ve never made the noodles from scratch.

Lasagna would be awesome right now… Can I come over? ;)

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Second what @filmfann said. But if you haven’t just made them, you need to either boil them a little (not till al dente because they will finish cooking in the oven), or soak them in water for a while until they are soft.

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Good to know! I just made lasagna tonight, but with ‘1 step’ noodles. So easy, and soo soooooo yummy!

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Well I’m making my noodles from scratch because it costs almost 8 bucks for a box.

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@Zone36: Where in the heck do you shop?!?!

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Japan off base

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Ahhhh. I see. You know, you can use gyoza wrappers to make lasagna. Those might be cheaper in Japan. They won’t be made with semolina flour, just regular, but it’ll most likely taste almost exactly the same.

Not that making your own lasagna noodles from scratch doesn’t sound like a lot of fun!

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