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How old do you have to be to work at Hooters in Florida?

Asked by SissyNova (14points) February 21st, 2010

I am seventeen and have heard you can work as a hostess at hooters at seventeen. Is this true? Also, in the state of Fl do you have to be 18 or 21 to be a hooters waitress? I have been told I have a nice ass, nice breasts, nice legs, great cheerful personality and I am great with people. Any suggestions. Thanks!

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@MrGeneVan My computer has a block from that site. I already tried. could you copy and paste please!?

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Nvm it worked…thanks

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from the link:

You must be at least 17 years old for hourly employment opportunities with Hooters of America, Inc. and at least 18 or 21 for the Hooters Girl position depending on local alcohol service laws.

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Thanks everyone, but I need to know how old you have to be in Fl. Not in general. :(

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Hooters is part of a franchise. It’s the same age limits everywhere.

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Post some pictures for a more extensive review….professional courtesy :)

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Well I do what I can. I’m just trying to help.

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@SeventhSense That is what I like about you. You have got to be the most helpful jelly on here.

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It’s a thankless job…a few shillings of lurve and the knowledge that I am utterly benevolent sustain me. ~

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eather 18 or 21

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I did a little research and apparently in Florida you can be a bartender, you mix and sell drinks if you are at least 18. So I’m sure you can work at Hooters at 18, unless Hooters has it’s own policy and I’m guessing they don’t. Call a Hooters in Floriday or call the Florida State Liquor Control Board, they can probably tell you.

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In Florida, you have to have a work permit from your school to work anywhere. At Hooters, they will accept employees at the age of 17 with a work permit for non alcoholic serving positions, such as kitchen and janitorial.

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Lets cut to the chase, what are your measurements? That will provide you with the most realistic answer assuming the manager is a guy.

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I’ll be glad to interview you with the lights off!

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