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Help! I think I'm becoming too unemotional!

Asked by frigate1985 (922points) February 21st, 2010 from iPhone

I used to know that I was not as easily moved or provoked as others do. In other words, I was a kind of a half-stoic. But these days I really just cant feel anything at all! I mean, I just had my first day at highschool and I literally didnt feel anything at all! Last night I heard that my crush had a boyfriend and still then, the only thing I felt was a slight pain in my heart. It’s becoming harder for me to laugh at a good joke, cry watching a sad movie, smile in wonder of how the ants move around etc etc. I’m so worried. Am I becoming mentally ill? Or at the very least is this like some “become stoic” disease? Please help I’m so scared I dont want to be all apathetic…

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You are becoming what I want to be. Vulcan. Embrace getting rid of emotions, embrace logic and reason instead.

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You sound like you’re depressed. Depression can bring on feelings of numbness where you’re not happy, but you’re not really sad, either. You’re just numb.
Talk to your school counselor about these feelings, or lack thereof, and let them help you.

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@ragingloli not really
@Vunessuh Am I? Oh man that sounds real bad..I mean, i wont be having any desires to commit suicide or anything yet I hope??

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I might say I am xxxx but in reality i dont feel just feel some distant feeling of fear

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@frigate1985 Honey, I have no way of answering that question because I have no idea exactly what you’re feeling. If you want to PM me to talk further about specifics you can. If you do ever start to feel suicidal, call a hotline asap.

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Relating to @Vunessuh ‘s response…

Depression doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to be suicidal, but it does make your life unpleasant. If it’s something you’re very worried about (which you seem to be, and probably should be), try talking to a therapist. Don’t wait until you get to the point of not feeling like you want to live anymore.

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@ragingloli LolVulcan

Gave you been through a lot of emotional pain lately? It could be that you’re closing up to prevent more hurt. I went through a few years (in high school and university) as a virtual robot because some kid broke my heart.

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@shadling21 Yea a LOT of pain…Like, crying at 1~3 am everyday became almost a habit for a while but nowadays Im starting to get over it or is trying to.

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You are becoming a ragingloli…LOL…There is no hope for you.

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It could be a couple of different things, but the fact that you were recently capable of strong emotion does seem to indicate that this is not normal for you. I would definitely talk to somebody about it, before it gets out of hand. Good luck!

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@davidbetterman I was kinda serious
@augustlan yea i gotta see somebody and maybe do those “happy excercise” things

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Well then frigate, let’s see. Emotions are feelings you have that just happen according to the situation and you personally. You cannot force yourself to become more emotional, just as it is very difficult to stop having emotions.

I am sorry that you do not see that you are unemotional regarding your crush’s boyfriend. But did you stop to think that you are not too emotional in this regard because you are not really all that into your crush?

It’s becoming harder for me to laugh at a good joke

Maybe these jokes aren’t all that good. Obviously deep down inside, you don’t think so.

It’s becoming harder for me to cry watching a sad movie,

Maybe you don’t really find the movie all that sad.

These are signs that you are maturing, and that you are deciding for yourself what is funny and what is sad without allowing those around you to influence your perception.

Good on you. You are growing into your individuality. Your uniqueness is becoming at one with your feelings and emtional responses.

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February is an odd time to have your first day of high school.

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Not being emotional has never been a problem for me.

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@davidbetterman interesting perspective, but those jokes were damn good and I found it funny its just that I cant laugh. And the movie theater was full of people crying their guts out.
@thriftymaid Oh South Korea strarts a school year in March. Today was just to take a test to divide classes according to the students’ skills.
@XOIIO to a person who used to be quite emotional, it is…

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I see a lot of exclamation marks for someone who’s supposed to be unemotional.

Please help I’m so scared I dont want to be all apathetic…

How can you be “so scared” as well as apathetic? Fear is an emotion. You’re actually being overly emotional in your fear of being unemotional.

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@absalom I dont want to be be not now. In the future

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Sounds like you are growing up.

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@ChazMaz Hmmm is it?? Did you have this kind of trouble too?

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It will pass. You have not “lost” your emotions.

Maybe you just found a better place for them instead of out in the open.

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