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Please suggest some off-the-beaten-path things to do in New Orleans?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12537points) February 21st, 2010

Do you know about anything fun and/or unusual in New Orleans that 20-somethings would enjoy?

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Ohhh, I forgot you’re old now, Tim. :-P
Change that to 30-somethings HEEEHEEEHEEEHEEHEE
(who’s laughing now?)

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Go visit a Voodoo shaman and have her perform a purification ritual on you.

Good times 8—)

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Do NOT involve yourself with anything on Canal Street that has the words, “Donkey” or “Watermelon” connected to it.

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there used to be a night time walking tour of haunted places in the French Quarter.

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You could always show your boobs. << Nothing to be afraid of in this link, I promise.

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Wouldn’t do too much good at this time. Mardis Gras is over!

Although you might get a really interesting date!

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The city certainly took a beating from Katrina, I guess some of the beaten and some of the off the beaten trails are simply gone or in disrepair, but I would have to ask: Other than the crime, etc. what is there in New Orleans that some “20 somethings” wouldn’t enjoy?” Honestly, you’re young, you’re going and you’re going to New Orleans!! There’s pretty much no way you can’t have fun, but be careful. When are you going? Jazz Fest is coming up at the end of April, early May. That’s a blast. Go during the day, and go out and about in New Orleans at night.

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The highways connecting N.O. Has some beaten up houses amd flooded areas and might be a good time to see the wreck and have a solemn moment…just kidding theres that neat scary tour as ruser said and the Jazz bars!!!!!!!

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@Yetanotheruser New Orleans is about way more than just Mardi Gras, don’t you think?

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Another DO NOT: Visit the the psych ER of Charity General Hospital (long story, don’t ask). It’s a trailer, and not very fun.
If you hop online there are assorted ‘ghost trails’ and such you can do.
They get good reviews, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

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Pretty much on the beaten path, and to be honest I haven’t done either of these things post-Katrina, but the Aquarium of the Americas is really great and the Audubon Zoo. As far as tours go, Hermann Grima House is pretty awesome. I went several times as a child and my mother went as well—we always enjoyed it.

If I were you, I’d pack some fancy dress and take in a nice afternoon tea. It is truly difficult to beat a good, New Orleans afternoon tea. I haven’t found a better one anywhere. And believe me, I’ve looked.

Lies, the Jefferson in Richmond, VA is better in some aspects, but fails some technical merit that New Orleans excels at.

You can also tour a plantation—my personal preference is the Destrehan Plantation, but I am exceedingly biased in this regard.

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Jean LaFitte park/museum!
Sunday Jazz brunch at the Court of Two Sister’s in the French Quarter.
New Orleans Burgers and Seafood – even though it’s sort of a “chain” you must eat here, it is so damn good.
I too recommend visiting some plantations, especially if you can get to ones outside NO. Haumas House is about 30mins away from NO but it is gorgeous. There’s always Oak Alley too.
Also if you just walk around the city there’s markers with little historical facts which I enjoyed. There’s so many little parks and museums you could do some research on too, and find out the ones you’d like to visit the most.
Or there’s always the casino.

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Go eat dinner at Venezia’s on Carrolton, then have dessert a block down at Brocato’s. Have eggplant parmesan, or the house special pizza @ Venezia’s (everything is good). @ Brocato’s have the Canoli’s, Cappuccino, Spumoni, etc.

Our museum of art is really nice.

Find the Roman Candy wagon, and try all three flavors.

The spring is when the local parish churches have fairs, go to these for a good time with the locals.

find a real crawfish boil.

st. patricks day is coming, there is a big gathering in the irish channel at a bar.

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Frenchmen street is a must I recommend bars like The Spotted Cat and d.b.a . There’s live music and it’s more of a local scene than Bourbon Street.

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oo and if you take the streetcar to the end of St. Charles go to Camellia grill. One of my favorites

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Thanks so much for the great answers @EmpressPixie, @tragiclikebowie, @Ltryptophan and @ldeb! A+ answers!

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And by the way @lillycoyote, I believe Yetanotheruser was responding to augustlan’s comment, not to the original question.

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@lillycoyote @La_chica_gomela @augustlan correct, I was responding to the comment about showing your boobs. LOL

New Orleans is way more than just Mardi Gras. Music, food, history, New Orleans has it all. I haven’t had an opportunity to visit there since I lived there in 1979–1980, and seeing pictures of the aftermath of Katrina just tore my heart. But if any city can survive and rebound I believe New Orleans can do it. Some of my favorite places have been mentioned here, The Carrolton area at the end of the St. Charles streetcar line, the Audubon Zoo (I once stayed at a boarding house that was right on the edge of Audubon Park). Also, not really off the beaten path, but worth a visit is The Gumbo Shop! I used to work there.

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@Jennifries Oh Man! I suppose I should be grateful to you for the heads up but I can’t tell you what a disappointment it is to have to cross “Visit the the psych ER of Charity General Hospital” off my bucket list. And yes, I imagine it is a long story and that it was no fun at all. Hope that it is all in the past for you or for whoever ended up there. And @Yetanotheruser, @La_chica_gomela and @augustlan Jeez, O.K.! Sorry! Mea Culpa. Just a thought, though… judicious use of the @ feature might help avoid these kind of confusions in the future, although I wouldn’t expect you all to dumb things down just for dunces like me.

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it was late, I should have @‘ed

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… and @Yetanotheruser yes, what a heart break Katrina was. But I think you’re right. New Orleans does have the strength to go on and rebuild but the rest of us need to support them and I don’t think a lot of the U.S. really understands what an incredible treasure the City of New Orleans is.

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@lillycoyote You are right. Where else could you pass a pirate’s (Jean Lafitte’s) blacksmith shop while you’re going to see the world’s first submarine?

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@Yetanotheruser we are composing at the same time but I will say… I guess I don’t think my response to the @ issue needed to be quite as snarky as it was. :)

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@lillycoyote NP! Hugs & kiss to you, I off to bed!

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@Yetanotheruser Yay! Another horrible, bloody flame war averted! :) Sweet dreams. :)

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We had an awesome time, yall! Thanks again for the tips. We actually did go to Audobon Park (not the zoo though, those depress me) and we also walked down Frenchman Street (that whole neighborhood was really cool!) and also took the St. Charles Street Car (not to the end, just to Audobon Park).

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