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What tv character used to scare you when you were little?

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) March 4th, 2008

I’m curious again ^^

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the count on sesame street and the witch in the wizard of oz

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jack nicholson as the joker in batman….

Oops, tv? Um, dunno

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The cookie monster from sesame street (i have a friend who reminds me of the cookie monster lol), and the blue telly-tubbie (forgot his name hehe)

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Freddie Krueger and Pennywise from “It” !! OMG! I’d have recurring nightmares… almost bad enough for therapy.

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HR Puffenstuff scared the heck out of me!!!

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Oh, and whilst i’m still on the subject of sesame street, i really disliked the blue guy with the hooked nose (forgot this characters name also ^^) and the reason why i hated the cookie monster was because, he was so… savage! ><

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gonzo? But he was cute!

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Ren and stimpy

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Noooooooooo! He was not cute! He was angry all the time and when he shouts it made me wanna shout back or cry….

Mind you this was when i was bout 4 :P

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gargamel from the smurfs.

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Oh yeah, Gargamel was scary…

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Captain Planet…

What a weirdo!

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Totally H.R. Pufenstuff. And any clown of any kind. Especially Whizzo on Bozo’s Circus.

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