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Is it common for people NOT to notify their mortgage company if they're renting their house?

Asked by AshlynM (10190points) February 22nd, 2010

Question says it all.

Thanks in advance!!

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I don’t believe there’s generally any legal necessity to do so. Reading the mortgage contract would be the way to tell for sure in an individual case.

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You should notify your insurance company, since you need different coverage. That will likely change your mortgage payment assuming your insurance premium is rolled into it.

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I definetely would notify my mortgage company. the reason is liability. here is an example: you move out and rent or lease your home to a 3rd party. your house burns to the ground. your mortgage company will claim your mortgage is 100% due now, once they have discovered that you were not living in your house. i would check my mortgage contract before you rented your house to a 3rd party. your contract may forbid this. mortgage companies require you to have homeowners insurance. if you file a claim, then your troubles begin.

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I would say yes, because some mortgage companies don’t allow you to rent out you homes. although genereally there are no restrictions on it.

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