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Can a female vocalist comfortably interact with a large group of male acoustic musicians?

Asked by uncluttermePLEZ2010 (23points) February 22nd, 2010

I am a vocalist “who doesn’t currently” play a stringed instrument and have always sung with piano accompaniment. How can I adjust to lead ins and know when to add a break?

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Edith Piaf and Los Panchos doing Beseme Mucho shows it can be done.

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Can? Yes, of course. Not sure if it will actually work for you, but this is entirely up to you and the other musicians, the particular songs, rehearsals, etc.

The solution is different in every case, and is something you’ll have to sort out during rehearsals. Is there someone in charge of the whole thing (conductor, band leader, etc)?

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no, because clearly men and women are from two different planets and your vocal cords have a special marker on them that make them incompatible with…:)

anywho, Of course you can!

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We don’t have either, and that is part of the problem. We have a group leader, but he usually just sets up performance dates. They used to have a “round robin” with each person chosing a song. Some seem to prefer to be solo acts, others don’t mind having harmony, but none express verbally their preferences. I am not really that great at mind-reading.

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Musically or sexually?

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If that were an option, I most likely wouldn’t be asking this question.

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