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Care to share a musical artist/band from your country, that perhaps none of us have heard of?

Asked by Jude (32112points) February 22nd, 2010

Good music, folks.

These are some good ol’ Canadian boys- “The Rheostatics”. There is no one out there like them. What do you guys think?

Shaved Head

California Pipeline

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I bet i could name at least 30 bands you folks never heard of :)

hold on, think i could go for 45 if i count old bands and disbanded bands

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anything? :)

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Alkinoos Ioanidis. Youtube him :) (Most is in Greek, but the music can be enjoyed by all).

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@phoebusg dang I tried to post links once but it ddnt work..haha

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My country is huge, so I’ll break it down to my state (Pennsylvania):

The Badlees

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Sure! Here is Eye Alaska, an alt rock band out of California.

I Knew You’d Never Fly

Through the Willows and Streams

@jjmah Me gusta the Rheostatics.

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@LunaChick Are you familiar with The Blue Method?

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@Adirondackwannabe – can’t say I’ve heard of them, but I will check them out.

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@LunaChick Great Blues group out of Philly. I’m in upstate NY

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A relatively new French trip-hop/ dj group called “Chinese man”. They’re based in Marseille. They mix hip-hop, funk, jazz, dub, reggae…

They are so good. They use a lot of sampling from older music, and don’t sing much. I mean. It’s not very “ghetto”, if that makes sense.

Here is there most famous single, you’ll see what I mean:

This is also a great one, with more singing:

If you’re into rock, check out Luke, one of the main French rock bands. This is an older track, but their most well-known single:

You might also want to check out Deportivo:

This song mixes rock with violin, a very typically French combination, which the band Louise Attaque helped make popular.

You can also check out this new band Eiffel:

They are friends of the legendary Noir Desir, and the singer has played with Manu Chao.

And finally (because I realize I could go on for a while ^^), here is a song called “I lived on the moon” by a band called Kwoon. It’s a very small band, mostly unknown, even in France. But definitely an amazing band. Very peaceful music. I think you’ll love it ;-)

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I’ll bet you’ve never heard me play the probably never want to either

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Another Fine Crisis from Portland, Oregon. They have a myspace page. Just do a search and you’ll find ‘em.

On another note: Why are you wasting your time here? You could be checking out all sorts of music sites and find things that you like, not what other dumb ass internet junkies enjoy. Take me for example: I only referenced the band that I did because they are my friends and I dig their music. This doesn’t mean that they are anything that you would like.

Oh yeah: Bass Nectar!!!

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@AlienBomber Although I can see your point, I don’t think it necessarily is a waste of time to ask people directly. If you want to discover good bands from another country, especially in another language, it’s easy to get lost by just following Myspace friends or using Google. You find all these extremely small and not very good bands. I think it’s a good idea to get a few good references from people in that country, and then to start surfing the internet from there.

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Ok, I’m going for round 2. Another great band that I doubt many people have heard of is Right Away, Great Captain!, a concept band that is a side project of the more popular band – Manchester Orchestra. All of the RAGC! songs are written from the perspective of a sailor in the 1600’s. This sailor catches his wife cheating on him with his brother. This leads to him to leave his wife and children and set sail on a 3 year voyage. Most of the songs are written as if they were journal entries, and deal with the sailors’ hatred of his wife for what she did, while still being in love with her and finding himself incapable of moving on, missing his children, the hardships of a life at sea, and respect and admiration for his captain. The lead singer of the band said of the sailor “For me, I loved the idea of having a person so broken inside that they were forced to allow themselves to go insane.”

An odd band, but they make excellent musical fodder for those days when you feel depressed. Here are some of my favorites:

Like Lions Do
A slower song, but make sure to stick around til 2:40.

Devil Dressed in Blue

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities RAGC! the first track kind of reminds me of the NY band Brand New. Devil Dressed in Blue is also really good, though quite different.

Love it!

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Here you go for the Brand New song I was thinking about:

It’s a bit faster, but I don’t know, I guess the similarity with RAGC! is the voice and general feel.

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@TheBot I love Brand New! Probably in my top 10 of favorite bands. This is one of my favorites off of their latest album. You Stole.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities agreed, it also one of my favorites. But I think my favorite off Daisy is…Daisy :-)

I love Brand New because they change their style with every album they release, yet they always convey the same emotions and states of mind.

I put them, well, perhaps in my top 5…

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Not exactly from “my” country, but one of my favourite songwriters ever:

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Please check out The Low Anthem from Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.

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They’re brilliant.

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@Dr_C Another one of my favorites. They are simply amazing.

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@Dr_C Never heard of them before. I like.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities & @jjmah they have so much material. It’s a shame that they aren’t recognized in Mexico.

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Anathema, Porcupine Tree & Riverside

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The Aposematics

Their original stuff is killer but the first thing that I ever heard them do was this.

I’ve heard they are the official House Band of Random Ass Radio.

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For some more obscure Canadian stuff, check out “Wintersleep”, “Japandroids” and “Holy Fuck”.

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Tokyo Hotel.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Three cheers for the Great Lake Swimmers.

Here’s my list of bands (maybe you’ve heard them, maybe not):

Total Babe
The Black Hollies
Trumystic Sound System
White Antelope

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Okay, I’m cheatin’ here. Not from my area, but, this guy is a fucking musical genius. Jack White with The Dead Weather.

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@jjmah Cheating on so many levels with that one… but so good.

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