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Is techno music the modern equivalent of disco?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11439points) February 22nd, 2010 from iPhone

You’d think that whole trend would eventually pass but it’s just not going away.
It’s like the musical version of herpes.

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My first answer was BS. I don’t know.

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Lol!Yes,it is.not everybody can shake it to Metallica….except my dear grandmother.

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Dance, techno, electronica, house, disco etc are all great genres, don’t be mad because you can’t feel the groove lol. How could you NOT dance to Daft Punk….....?

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I’m with @Blackberry on this one. Actually, I often find techno and electronic music strangely cathartic, and a great stress reliever. I think the lack of lyrics and repetitive tones allow my mind to wander, and I often feel much more at peace after listening to it. Maybe I’m just weird.

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Disco was a response to the absolutely HORRID music of the mid-70’s, techno isn’t really that, it’s more of an outgrowth of a few other genres

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Boo, if techo is like herpes, I enjoy herpes. There. I said it.

But no, really, I too enjoy techo and most electronica.

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@dverhey It’s really hard to not hear every comment you make in Zoidberg’s voice… =)

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Haha, I wouldn’t call it musical herpes. I’d call classical music musical herpes – it’s seemingly contagious and has been around for hundreds of years. :)

And I like techno, too. Mostly just for dancing, I don’t listen to it all the time. Same with disco. It’s not my generation’s music so I can’t appreciate it quite as much, but if I’d been around a generation earlier I imagine I would have spent quite a few nights dancing around to a disco beat. Wouldn’t have wanted to listen to it while relaxing at home, though!

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I love techno, I don’t think that I know of many disco songs that I like ( way before my age, it’s my ignorant excuse), but techno, there’s plenty. Plus it’s great for exercise because it keeps you on beat, and count. :)

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Lady GaGa and her ilk are the modern disco. Techno doesn’t seem as widely accepted as disco seemed to be (though it was before my time, so I can’t be certain).

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no; techno and disco arrived on the music scene around the same time from two distinctly separate movements

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That it’s a type of dance music? I love dance. Bubblegum dance, techno, trance, house, electro-hop, it’s all awesome. :)

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They’re both dance musics. I personally don’t hear much difference between disco and techno. Perhaps because disco has that pop V-C-V-B-C structure and lyrics, it’s more familiar and accessible to the general public than techno, which doesn’t tend to have that kind of structure or a lot of lyrics.

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Really well done electronica is more comparable to classical music, in my opinion. Not because of speed or bpm, but because of the layering of sounds, it’s dynamic nature and length of songs.

I think it’s once we start splitting hairs and talking about happy hardcore vs ambient vs french vs noise vs house that it all starts to get a bit murky.

Perhaps its staying power is one example of how it’s not really disco?

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From the characterization that the OP gives, it’s clear that he doesn’t understand the differences between genres of electronic music. Perhaps the only similarity in electronica with disco might be Vocal House, and what “pop” music is/was out there in the 90s like what the band Technotronic put out. But for most who appreciate real techno, most of what disco represented is not the same.

Techno, on the other hand, can be very intricate in construction, and other than the steady pulse of the kick drum pattern, shares very little with disco. Disco emanated from a combination of latin rhythms, funk, and orchestral-backed arrangements, and leaned more toward requiring a lead vocal of some sort.

Techno emerged from within synth music, where every instrument exists in an electronic sequencer, and in many cases, focuses on minimalist concepts of pitch, harmony, and rhythm. Most techno is devoid of melody, and is much more meditative (i.e. trance music), than a lyric-inspired disco “groove.”

As for the herpes comment, some Metallica songs remind me of a herpes outbreak, but that’s just me…

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I was always more of a jungle fan.

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@Captain_Fantasy so you do know genres?!...Tech Step, Jungle, DnB are great.

I would qualify my previous statement by saying that “Trance” nowadays is quite different from 10–12 years ago…Progressive Techno and Trance sounded a lot different than this stuff that Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk et al. are producing…I think most of it’s actually garbage, compared to early-mid 90s techno and trance.

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Trance bugs me. It seems like every time I hear it, there’s some dude blasted out of his mind on E who wants to hug me just because I’m in visual range.

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@sndfreQ You just got the “cake in the frizzer” award… you know how?

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I have no idea! darn it!

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@sndfreQ It’s gotta be tied in with your answer of “ha ha ha ha” to Capt. Fantasy. That’s the only thing that fits the time frame…. I don’t get it….

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Nice thread, wasnt techno’s roots closely related to gospel as well? I mean very early on.

And thank you guys i never really thought of techno as classical music but its pretty true, i was just playing some techno in the living room and my grandma liked it LMAO

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