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What would you say is the national sport of the USA?

Asked by ucme (46528points) February 22nd, 2010

In Britain it’s football,Canada it’s ice hockey.The USA seems to have an amalgam of what could be considered “national” sports.Baseball,football,basketball,which, & I can see how this would be quite contentious,in your opinion would you put first? Or which is most popular in terms of participants & attendance?

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As embarrassing as it is, it would probably be football.

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Baseball is America’s national Pastime.

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basketball was the first real American sport that did not originate in another country

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Baseball and/or real football.

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Couch football?

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Real Football…LOL

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futbol americano.

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use to be baseball, but steroids changed that! now, football!

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Still baseball BoBo…Steroids made the game more exciting.

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SEC Footbal

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@marinelife Based on the answer @TooBlue gave, that must stand for No Food Left. It probably went in William “The Fridge” Perry.

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I repeat what @davidbetterman said: “Baseball is America’s national Pastime”.

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As a country with four seasons, it is only befitting that a certain spectator sport is popular with every season. Hence, basketball, hockey, basball and football are in the forefront.

However, in terms of participation and attendance… baseball captures the crown.

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@erichw1504 Baseball used to be America’s national pastime,and that’s when it got that title. I don’t think it really is any more. It’s been my experience that people watch and discuss football and basket ball far more than they do baseball.

Someone once said baseball is a sport where they cram 2 minutes of action into an hour.

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@Val123 Well, in my experience, baseball is still as popular as it has been and will always be America’s sport.

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Baseball. Or Fluther on a good night.

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I have to go with the NFL.

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As I said contentious.In my humble opinion, an English one at that, my preference would be basketball.“Real” football hmmm okay.

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Football would get the popular vote but baseball would win in the electoral college.

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I’d go with American football, mainly because it’s the one sport that hardly anyone in the rest of the world plays. Not even Canada. Basketball and baseball are at least Olympic sports. American football is not.

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@aprilsimnel Baseball is no longer an Olympic sport.

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The first sport that comes to mind is baseball, but after thinking about it more I would say football. Not just the NFL, but college football as well. College football is big business in this country.

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@erichw1504 – Huh. Oh, well.

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Baseball followed by football.

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American Football. For reference, I’m not interested in this sport, nor any other sport.
I hear people mention baseball or basketball scores here and there. But people are excited about football. They pay attention to football.

Here in San Diego, we have the Chargers [football], and Padres [baseball].
In the 13 years I’ve lived here, the only time I saw Padre pride was when they actually got their own stadium, and the pride was only for a short while.
However, I have constantly seen Chargers pride. In and out of season. Every year that I’ve lived here. Shirts, caps, jerseys, flags, so on and so forth.

As far as I know, we’re not blessed enough here in SD for a soccer team or basketball team. So if the subject comes up, people pretend to be interested in the LA Galaxy [soccer] or UCLA Bruins [college basketball].

I don’t pay much attention to the news either, but it seems like whenever sports scores are mentioned, or plays are talked about, it’s for Football.

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@BoBo1946 , steroids didn’t take baseball out of 1st place for popularity, it just added to it. What really whacked baseball was the strike of ‘94? that made the players look too greedy. If you look purely at tv ratings, the top 4 go something like
1. NFL
2. NCAA Football
4. MLB

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American football or baseball.

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@Dilettante Batter up! I assume a home run is guaranteed.

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I think baseball is the most “classically American,” if there is such a thing. It’s what immediately comes to mind, anyhow.

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Don’t they consider real football a sport for girls?

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@ragingloli I’m not sure what a ” `reaö” is, but no, typically we don’t consider soccer to be a sport for girls. Except 12-year-old schoolboys, but they think everything is either gay or for girls.
Maybe people in the South think this too. /flamebait.

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I think it used to be baseball but is now football.

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@MrBr00ks and @davidbetterman each his own, just an opinion!

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Watching Television

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They call baseball Americas pasttime but in our lifetimes, it’s pretty obvious that American football has overtaken baseball in popularity.

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Arguing about which sport is America’s national pastime.

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@Captain_Fantasy my sentiments also…baseball is not bad, if you there, but too watch it on TV…boring, accept the World Series…now football, can watch it anytime. Especially, if Ole Miss (love my Rebels) is playing LSU…loll

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Baseball then, Football now, Fluther soon.

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Fixating on sports or sex, sometimes both

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“Someone once said baseball is a sport where they cram 2 minutes of action into an hour.”

You have to know the sport to realize all the action going on between hits and pitches. Otherwise you are just speaking from ignorance.

I used to think that soccer was boring, but then I began to really pay attention. The score may only reach 1–2 or 0–1, but dang there is some serious action, and spectacular tactics involved.

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@davidbetterman I was going to mention something like that to @Val123‘s response, but deemed it too wasteful to my time.

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@davidbetterman Well, I don’t mind being ignorant about baseball at all. Or football for that matter (although it’s hard to be ignorant when you live with someone who had pro aspirations at one time in his life.) It’s not the scores….it’s the fact that they don’t move around much. Not much to watch, IMO.

One of my FAVORITE videos of ALL TIME!! I could watch it 10 times a day. And I’m sharing with you @davidbetterman, even if you are cranky! Oh. You can look at it too, @eerichw1504. It’ll cheer you guys up.

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That was a fun vid, thanks.

I’m not cranky, just don’t suffer fools gladly

Of course it’s not your fault that you were never educated as to the finer aspects of baseball.

@erichw1504 You’re right. it was a waste of my time.

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Handegg or Baseball

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It’s not important! I’m just not into watching any sports on TV, period. I’m into actually playing them (volley ball especially).

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@erichw1504 and @davidbetterman What is wrong with you guys? How can you get so insulting and condescending over a game? My goodness. You’d think we were discussing something that was actually important to understand.

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@Val123 For some reason, I could watch any sport on TV. But, I also like to play any sport. I guess I just like competition. Depends on the person, I suppose.

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@Val123 I insulted you?

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@Val123 I was just stating my opinion about baseball. Sorry, if I did anything to upset you.

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I enjoy reading answers from people who actually know something about the subject matter.
I am sorry your husband didn’t make his dream come true.
I played football, baseball and soccer in school.
I hated baseball. They were throwing that dang hard ball at me so effing fast! And when a ball took a bad hop when you were fielding it…WHAM right in the kisser!

Give me football any day…all those pads, the helmet and full face guard. Oh yeah!

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@erichw1504 I can watch anything too. My husband is an avid football fan, as was my dad, so I’m decently knowledgeable about the game, even though I’ve never played it. I mean, I understand the athletics involved, and I can appreciate it. I’d just rather be watching NOVA or some other science show, or playing outside.

Maybe I misunderstood the tone when you wrote “I was going to mention something like that to @Val123‘s response, but deemed it too wasteful to my time.”

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@Val123 It was more directed to my opinion of the sport, not towards you.

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@davidbetterman I was kind of scared of the ball too, and knowing that my loving husband (now X) volunteered me to play catcher in a game once. First, he didn’t ask, 2nd, you got this ball coming right at your face, AND you got a bat swinging over your head. But….I survived

@erichw1504 I see. My apologies! I have lots of fun videos I could send to you in lieu of flowers!

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Catcher is the very worst!!! It’s not so bad when the batter swings and misses and the ball hits you right in the glove…but when the batter tips the ball and suddenly it is coming right at your face…even with a face mask, that hurts like all get-out!

And wild pitches also suck big-time.

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baseball: hitting a ball with a stick and then running around in circles
handegg/IPCASM: running around on a field with a leather egg in your hands and ramming people like cavemen
basketball running around on a field trying to put a big ball into a metal ring
football: running around on a field chasing and kicking a ball with your feet trying to get it into a big rectangle

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@davidbetterman I know. I was pretty upset by his thoughtlessness. And THEN, when I finally relaxed (after the ball hit me in the head!) there was a runner on 2rd….great big guy….I was planted ready to catch the ball to tag him out…and my husband threw the ball the way and hell and gone away from me. He said he was “worried” about me, because the guy coming toward me was so big and so fast. Pissed me off! I played competitive co-ed volleyball with bigger, faster, stronger guys that that guy. They don’t scare me!

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@ragingloli NASCAR: driving around a big oval for hours.

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Baseball. Just saying the name evokes Americana.
Say Football in another country, and they think Soccer.

BTW, I love that Baseball is the sport where the team who doesn’t have the ball is the one who scores points.

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Out of respect for the many Americans who feel they have no real say over what their government does I will not suggest the the favourite sport is invading and occupying foreign countries of whose governments they disapprove. (Vietnam, Grenada, Iran, Afghanistan to mention a few).

The American people love their Baseball despite it being derived from Cricket.
They originated Basketball but love American football more.

In the South, NASCAR is more a religion than a sport.

I am confused.

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Pure balderdash. Invading and occupying other countries and killing and maiming their women and children is not a sport.

It’s an adventure!

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It’s always so interesting, the way the BBC is so good at airing everyone else’s dirty laundry but their own. They ridicule, say, Nascar fans’ behavior; while ignoring “football hooliganism” in the UK. Whereas other countries use sports, sporting teams, as a vicarious way of expressing themselves, perhaps even venting their frustrations, the British have evolved into something synonymous with the Roman Gladiators. Whereas Americans urge their team to “Kill” the other team, these filthy, ignorant, outrageously violent “fans” in the UK actually “Kill” their opponent’s fans. Honestly, it’s unbelievable, what really goes on in England. Say, in Sheffield, if one lives in the Hillsboro area, home of Sheffield Wednesday Football Team, but is a “Blade,” a fan of Sheffield United, across town, he literally takes his life in his hands walking home wearing his team’s colors. (oops, coulours).
Add to this, the truly most significant, most detrimental problem in the UK: Youth Crime. Prevalent in virtually every estate in the country. The viciousness, the lack of respect for authority, the sheer ignorance of this significant percentage of their entire population; perpetrated in part by their despicable “school leaver” program…which simply throws youths out of the educational system at the age of 16, based upon the probabilty that they don’t have the intellectual capacity to attend university; thus literally thrusting a huge percentage of youths onto the streets, living off their parents, awaiting their chance to go “on the dole” for the rest of their lives, at age 18. So, for two years, they simply mooch off their parents, hang out on the street, learning criminal activity from the older hooligans, and how to “get a fiddle,” which means an under-the-table means of making money, in addition to their welfare benefits, such as window-washing. The Brits are fond of having their windows washed by countless “unemployed’ youths walking the streets carrying ladders, who will wash your windows for cash, “Pound Notes,” then steal your car and joyride it, then light it on fire. This is an everyday event, in every community in the UK. Fun Fun Fun. No, it’s not. From the standpoint of one who lived in the UK for many years, attended University there (Cambridge), it was really frightening…those kids…the mindless fury, even walking on Kings Parade in Cambridge…seeing the viciousness of the youth, the way they harm each other, defile property…scary, very scary, yet the Brits simply take it in stride, accept it as a consequence of their system, which, in so many other ways, is excellent.
Yes, it’s so interesting how the Brits are so adept at sarcastically pointing out the flaws in other nations, societies, yet they wallow in the filth of their own system. As for “invading foreign countries,” this variation on “Imperialism” (You know, “The Sun Never sets on the British Empire”) can now be summed up with the so very apropos old adage:
“The Sins of the Fathers are visited on the Sons.” Hence the immigration situation in the UK…the terrible things going on with the muslim extremists, other immigrant communities, as a direct, albeit delayed, result of British Imperialism, the use of these people’s ancestors to do your dirtywork, in the coal mines, railroads, etc. Now, you deal with the consequences. “The sins of the fathers are visited on the sons” Indeed. Reap what you Sow, in your self-righteous smugness, BBC.

It’s late, I’m tired and upset, dealing with my Mother’s despicable Alzheimer’s Disease, and somehow this long rant came out, pent up emotions of a Yank who lived in the UK and has had to listen to their criticism all these years, when I know different.
They ridicule us for our diets, we’re all fat, etc. Yet their yummy favorites:

Chip Butty: (A pile of greasy cholesterol (french fries) jammed between two more piles of non-food value cholesterol (white bread buns).
Toad in the hole: Ingredients

8 links pork sausage
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 cups all-purpose flour
4 eggs
1 cup milk
Absolutely guaranteed to clog an artery! LOL

Fish and Chips: Deep-fried in thick greasy batter, then wrapped in an old newspaper to add a nice little extra dab of poison from the printing ink! mmmmmmmm!

And their all-time favorite, “Bangers and Mash” Perhaps the most perfect combination of the worst possible food groups available to mankind!

And They ridicule US! Hilarious!

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Cheers mate.

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@Dilettante I was just back in England for a week and had a greet time indulging in all my favorite heartstopping Brit dishes. Pork pies, sausage, fish and chips – yum! (And I’m nomally not much of a meat eater.) But I do take your point. (Anyway, hope things ease off for you a bit with your Mom; I know that’s a rough situation, to say the least.)

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@janbb What I really miss is Sunday Lunch at me local, Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pud, mmmmm. Shepard’s pie, and my late Mum-in-law’s roast shoulder of lamb with all the trimmings…the roast spuds and parsnips, other veggies right in the pan with lamb. mmmm
Fish and Chips at Grimsby!

Joke told to me by a Derbyshire Man one Bakewell Market day:
A Yorkshireman arrives at a Pub and seeks a room for the night.
The landlord says, “For ten Quid, you can have a room for the night, a Pint, a woman, and a pie.”
The Yorkshireman replies: “Who’s pie is it then?”

By the way, I’ve had a Bakewell Tart, and she wasn’t bad lookin’ either.

The Bakewell Lass’s hate that joke, especially coming from an obnoxious Yank.

By the way, I married a Yorkshire lass, my darling late wife. Some said she was a Yank too…one yank and her knickers came down.

OK, I’ll stop now…just a bit of a reminisce. I do miss blighty, in many ways, in spite of my rant. Thanks for understanding.

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How about everything since we’re kicking but in the Olympics!!!

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