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Is my sea hare dying?

Asked by Brain_dead (9points) February 22nd, 2010 from iPhone

It has been in my tank 24hours and it’s very still and has two yellon scab looking marks near it’s bum hole

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@Nullo then why answer?

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What is a sea hare?

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nevermind lol

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This is a sea hare.

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It sounds like some sort of parasite/fungus (like fish get fin rot) but I don’t know much about sea hares ,having never had one myself. I know that you can get meds to treat these conditions in fish from Petsmart.

Here is a link to a SeaSlug forum. You can post a question there and probably get some expert type answer.

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I could probably tell you for sure what it is if you can post a good picture of it on here. In all of my experience, sea hares arent very hardy creatures, and with all creatures, acclimation is the hardiest part. The fact that it hasnt moved since going into your tank isnt really a good sign.

How did you acclimate? Drip? Float? How long?

A tell tale sign that a sea hare (or nudibranchs for that matter) is going to die, is if it lays eggs in your tank. Sea hares usually lay long yellow ribbon like eggs.

Did you notice these yellow marks at the LFS before you bought him?

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@jimah Because I’ve noticed that people tend to assume the worst about what they don’t know.

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