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How much do usual PC laptops cost?

Asked by princessa (113points) February 22nd, 2010

I would like to buy a PC laptop but I’m a kid so I would like to know how much i need to save up. And where can I buy a blue one?

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$700 to $1500. And you get them at a store or the internet.

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You can also get some good deals on used PC’s on e-bay.

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Laptops have gone soooo cheap lately, it’s almost insane. You can get a decent laptop for $500–700 today. I think Lenovo, Dell, HP and Sony have various models that come in different colors.

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Depends on what type/size (netbook, normal size, desktop replacement, etc.), but you can get a good one from $500 to $1000.

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a blue Dell inspiron laptop can be had for under $500 from Walmart or bestbuy, especially during holiday sales. Staples and Officemax also offer HP (not blue) notebooks for under $500 from time to time.Of course, it wouldn’t have the latest and the greatest features, but it would be sufficient for web-browsing, emailing, music management and online social networking.

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Anywhere from $200 to over $2000. I got an Eee PC recently for about $300 on Ebay.

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My hp was $400 at future shop.

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Many netbooks are around $299 US. They have small screens and they are not very fast. But for a lot of tasks that is not a problem. I think they are wonderful for writing, and they work great for most web surfing and playing music. And you can plug in a bigger monitor when you are at home.

Laptops start at around $400 US. As the price goes up, you pay for a bigger screen, a smaller lighter machine, a faster machine, maybe longer battery life. No machine has all of those things, so you have to choose what is important to you.

For me, $500 to $700 is the right price. The more expensive machines do not seem much better to me. And the cheaper ones are usually lacking some feature I want.

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Personally, I like my $300 Aspire One. Sure, it’s not a powerhouse, but it manages well enough for what I need and I even do some light FPS gaming on it. (For the hardcore gaming, I use my desktop system with a 20” screen and subwoofer.) For $400 you can get an Aspire 1410 which is a little bigger, twice as fast, and available in the same Sapphire Blue as my netbook.

Yes, I like the Acer because they deliver a great value. There are faster, there are cheaper, but Acer seems to be able to deliver the best price on stuff that doesn’t suck.

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You can probably find a refurbished one if you look around.

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