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Easy ways to earn money?

Asked by fortris (680points) March 4th, 2008

And don’t give suggestions for three year olds, like a lemonade stand. I mean lots of money.

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Umm, no. Thats not what I meant and you know it.

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Basically, there is no easy sure-fire way to get lots of cash quickly. If there was we would all be rich.

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Create something that people want to buy. Successfully produce and market it.

There’s no easy path to zillions of dollars, but there are plenty of people who will sell you get-rich-quick schemes.

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The way is to let go of whatever belief you have about yourself and the world, that results in you believing that there is no easy way for you to have what you want. For each person it looks slightly different, but basically, that’s it, and it is easy once you see it clearly, but as long as you believe it is impossible, you prevent yourself from seeing it.

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@Zaku, Wow, how Zen!

johnpowell’s right, if there were an easy way to make lots of money, we’d all be doing it. Of course, this would devalue money, so everything would cost more, so we’d be right back in the situation we’re in now.

Let me turn this around on you. What are you good at? For example, are you particularly persuasive? Maybe you could get a job as a car salesman or real estate agent.

I think it comes down to what you are talented at and passionate about. Whatever fits both of those criteria is your best bet.

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the way to make BIG money fast is to know which stocks are gonna go HUGE. however that generally requires insider trading and you have to have the money to put into it in the first place. or of course you can making money flipping houses, but that again takes an investment. cannot think of ways to make money without investing money into it.

unless you have a disease or something then you can get people to throw charity parties/concerts in your honor. that is an easy way to get cash.

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Become a profesional athlete, movie star or brain surgeon and you should be okay

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Invest. The greater the risk you’re willing to take, the greater will be your return. Make sure that you’re investing other people’s money. There are two kinds of debt. Good debt is used to buy assets (positive cash flow). Bad debt is used to buy expenses (negative cash flow). Make yours good debt.

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I talked to a ski bum yesterday who is 27 and has owned his own concrete business for the past four years. In the winter, he grooms the slopes on the swing and graveyard shifts. He said concrete is a good business to be in if you’re young and have the back for it, and that it’s not too difficult to run a smarter business than the average concrete contractor.

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I’ve never had a real job. I’ve been self employed since high school. In college I had a short summer job at the college doing office work and if I’d stayed I would’ve had to start drinking on the job or I’d have wrapped my lips around a revolver pretty quickly. There are a million ways to make money if you have an imagination. If you’re good with animals put up signs offering to take care of people’s pets while their on vacation. You could offer other such services as cleaning and maintaing aquariums, if you don’t know how find out online or from books. Take care of people’s house plants while their away, or even while their home, people are always letting plants die by over or under watering. A book or website can tell you how. My second suggestion would be to make pins. Ladies want pins. Make them out of cut up soda cans, paint, birch bark, fake flowers, bottle caps, colored plastic. Buy some pin backs from a craft store, glue ‘em on and set up a table at a craft fair. Remember people go to flea markets looking for cheap stuff, so that’s not where you wanna be. Hmm. . . You can learn anything from the internet and books. Make neat birdhouses, take a ceramics class at a local college and make birdbaths and yard ornaments that are unique. Not the same old crap you see. If you do a great job and have a unique style people will buy. Get into alternative building. There are very few people who can do that and a growing demand. Start by reading all about it, then build a small building on your property. Grow from there. Paint murals. If you can paint at all you can probably paint murals. Big paintings get attention. A great business idea I had is to go to major arts and craft shows and festivals and sell mixed drinks. Make it look old timey and have women dressed like renaissance bar maids serving the drinks. Offer like 20 different fruity refreshing and popular mixed drinks that all revolve around the same ingredients. Keep it as natural as possible, it will get you the natural crowd and keep your costs down. I have a million business ideas, just no time for any more than what I’m currently doing. I am successful at what I do, just so you know in case you’re considering any of my ideas here.

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