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why did this macbook delete everything? can we get it back?

Asked by lxlericalxl (49points) March 4th, 2008

my friend was writing a paper in word, and had safari open. she had to force quit safari, and when she reopened it all her bookmarks were gone, along with word documents, pictures, songs, etc. also, her settings were back at default. something similar happened on her older desktop mac. is there any way she can get her stuff back? she cant find it anywhere, and why does this happen?

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In Applications/Utilities you will find a app called Terminal.

Open that and type
sudo ls -a /Users
hit enter and enter your password. This is harmless. The command says become a superuser and list all the files in the Users directory.

Do you see her account in there?

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Interesting… I’ll follow this thread to see if there’s a resolution. But on a side note, this is why I use google docs almost exclusively. (And use the export option to save a local copy for my own peace of mind)

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I agree with john, sounds like a permissions issue.

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same thing happened to me too! all of a sudden I lost everything! I restarted my comp. as I thought it would help but everything was gone. I did not install anything. I tried to type that sudo thing but it doesn’t work.

any ideas?

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