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Is there an internet tv site where can i stream this tuesdays lost (02/23/10) online live while its debuting?

Asked by raven2783 (119points) February 22nd, 2010

i know you can go to or to find the back episodes of lost, but i am talking about streaming lost live as its happening so i don’t have to wait two or three days to watch it. thanks!

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No. I’m sorry, but that is the answer. There is no way to catch it live without actually tuning into ABC.

Correct me if I’m wrong though, anyone.

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No, waiting a day won’t kill you

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@raven2783 If you can possibly wait a few hours after it airs, then try downloading via torrent.

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@hug of war – thanks for assuming why i couldn’t wait (sarcastic of course). the reason i don’t want to wait is because if i could get to watch it that night i could have some people over my house and watch it that night, rather then them watch it at their friends houses and me having to watch it alone later when it gets on the net

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@raven2783 not being sarcastic don’t take it so personally

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it’s on the day afterwards. as well, and
to name a few.

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