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Do you ever find a person's voice to be attractive?

Asked by DominicX (28762points) February 22nd, 2010

Is it unusual to find a person’s voice attractive?

Sometimes I just find certain guys’ voices to be really “hot” or attractive. I love listening to Justin Timberlake. His voice is so hot. lol. It’s not always because the voice is deep and sexy, though. My boyfriend’s voice isn’t that deep and it’s kind of nasally and yet I find it adorable.

Likewise, my voice is not that deep at all and my boyfriend says he always thought my voice was attractive, even back when it a lot higher than it is now.

I know some people like good singing voices, but it’s not like my boyfriend and I sing. Do you find voices attractive? What makes a voice attractive to you?

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Yeah, everyone does. It’s a part of that whole ‘attraction’ thing that’s been around forever… An interesting fact: A woman’s voice will actually become slightly more high pitched when she’s ovulating in order to attract mates.

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yes! Richard Burton or Claudine Longet, for instance…

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I think I first fell for Hubbs when we were at the Talking For Hours On The Phone stage. He has a deep, clear voice that has some rumble to it. It’s like listening to Delta blues but without music. It’s complex.
such a smexy voice

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Oh, for sure. Sean Connery can park his boots under my bed any time!

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Kathleen Turner, Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, and there are others!

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YES!I CERTAINLY DOOOOO!—said in Charlton Heston’s “God” voice—lol!

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Singing voices? Of course. Singing is a very sexual thing, always has been, always will.

I personally find Japanese pop singer Gackt’s voice extremely attractive.

I also loooove hearing Seamus Heaney recite poetry. I’m a sucker for that accent.

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Voices affect me (and probably everyone) in different ways. Some are very sexy and alluring, like Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, and nearly everyone with a Scottish accent.
Some are soothing, I like the voice of the “assistant” on my Taxcut tax preparation software.

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Of course! I wish I could begin to describe it. A kind of huskiness that she speaks with—a voice filled with longing and desire. Her voice catches a bit as she says my name, and I can not help but respond in that way she knows I will. She’s such a tease!

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omg yes lil wyane & eminem

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My sat nav girl. Wow she can drive me crazy.

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yes, robert pattinsons. my god. oh and gerard butlers. i could listen to them speak all day long.

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@RareDenver Wow, I never knew candy could be so sexy.

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Ohhhhh yes.

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Don’t know what makes a voice attractive, but I’m quite taken with the British voice on my gps.

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@SABOTEUR Would you follow it anywhere?

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Yes, oh, yes. And certain accents, too. There are voices that are like honey and cream, voices that enfold you like warm caramel, voices that sing in your ear like a silver flute or a gleaming trumpet, voices that caress you like tender magnolia petals in the spring sunshine, voices that speak in quiet mystery as if from your inmost heart. Poets have always sung the praises of a fair voice, as alluring and magnetic as a beautiful face and form.

And I am very sensitive to voices (and accents) that I find unattractive, including those of some professionals. For instance, I can’t stand the voice of Kate Mulgrew and won’t watch any show she’s in. I don’t know if this is partly because voices have quasi-visible color and texture to me, but I think that’s a factor. There’s a certain sand-in-the-marmalade quality that I hear in some voices that just makes me want to cover my ears and scream. A woman who used to work in a cubicle close to mine spoke like that, and to this day I won’t have a thing to do with her, even though it’s no fault of hers.

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@Jeruba No mas! No mas!

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The wife’s voice drives me crazy when she calls on the phone when she’s too far away to be close to, she told me she does it so it’s like a seductive phone call so she can please me.

then there are accents that make me melt… languages in the UK and Canada- I just can’t pinpoint it…

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There is a certain timre in some male voices that resonate in my chest

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NPR did an occasional feature a few years back called “Vocal Impressions” (you can find the first one here). Listeners were asked to describe famous voices, and some of the descriptions reminded me of @Jeruba‘s comment.

so yes, there are voices that I find ridiculously attractive, when speaking or singing.

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Alan Rickman! Alan Rickman! Alan Rickman!!

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lol…Sean Connery? Lil Wayne? Eminem?!

You’ve got to be kidding me. :)

Anyway, yes, I know this question was kind of obvious, but I wanted it to sound less poll-like. I was more interested in hearing what kinds of voices you found attractive. (And this question was inspired by listening to Carry Out by Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake). In the song “Mom is Home” by A-Moe (a strange Norwegian dance song), the female singer has just the softest most angelic voice I’ve ever heard.

For me, a voice is a big part of what I find attractive. I have a friend (who is 100% straight) who looks adorable and has the cutest voice in the world. It’s so soft and nice (it’s actually a little higher than many guy’s voices) and I could listen to it all day… :P

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@susanc “Mister Potter…”

Alan Rickman made Professor Snape SO sexy. As if there weren’t already enough Snape fangirls out there.

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He did a lot for Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility too!

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Mr. Rogers!

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@BoBo1946 That’s just wrong.

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@janbb Loll..i loved Mr. Rogers..just a little humor for the children!

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Of course voices can be hot or attractive. Why do you think some DJ’s are so successful?

Personally, I like a speaking voice that’s in the baritone or bass range, although I don’t like basso profundo. (Barry White creeps me out.) I like a little chest resonance with a distinct lack of nasal tone. (Nasality? Nasalness? Nasalocity?)

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Tiffany Granath, especially when she has a cold. Zowwweeee!

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Oh, for sure. Monica Bellucci’s voice? Very sexy. I have no idea what she is saying, but, whatever it is, it sounds lovely.

Holly Hunter’s voice, though, makes me want to stab my eyeball with a fork.

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When I used to work at the radio I once did this show with another guy (I usually did the shows either alone or with a sound technician, but not another speaker). Two girls called us, and spoke on the air, and one of them had a really sexy voice. To cut a long story short, we decided to have a blind double-date with them, there and then (all 4 of us being single at the time).

When I finally saw her, a scrawny, wrinkled face with a long nose on top of a bag of bones, I was shocked and tried to find an excuse to leave as early as possible. Her voice is probably the sexiest one I’ve ever heard, but the appearance was hideous. One girl (who knew me in person before hearing me on the radio) said that the same more or less goes for me too. She used to sit outside the studio and listen to me on the radio in the reception, rather than come in the studio with me and see me work.

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@Jack79 – Hence the phrase, “A face made for radio.” No fears, I have one of those, too!

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My fiance’s voice is very attractive.

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@candide good call on Claudine Longet! Marilyn Monroe had a similar soft, breathy voice.
Drives me nuts, in a good way.

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@janbb I’d be tempted, but no. (I wouldn’t even follow my wife anywhere…!)

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Sure! One of my exes has a low baritone and speaks with an upper class Aussie accent (which sounds more RP British than not). Present tense because I assume he’s still alive somewhere.

And of course, there’s Tom Baker, Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons.

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I am EXTREMELY sensitive to voices, especially women’s voices, but men’s too. A woman can absolutely draw me in with the quality of her voice…or totally repel me. High pitched or loud or scratchy just drive me crazy and i can’t get away quick enough. Lower pitched, soft, gentle, smooth and I am drawn in.

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There is a distinct and well-known negative correlation between voices rated as “attractive” and fluctuations in facial symmetry. It is thought that conformation in facial symmetry is correlated with good pre-natal development. In other words, if people find your voice attractive, you are less likely to have suffered any insult in utero. Weird, right?

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Yep. Often the voice is much more attractive than the person to whom it belongs :)

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Yes, I love listening to japanese people (both male and female). I find them to have very attractive voices. I also my so has a fantastic voice, for talking and singing. It definatly matches her beautiful exterior.
@WhyOhWhy Oh yes.. u are right about that. Its funny hearing customers hit on some of my phone operators at my job and im like… yikes! If you only knew =\

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Actually, I myself have an exceptionally beautiful speaking voice. I just want you all to
know. I really do. It’s kinda upper-class. Like, maybe, hmm, Grace Kelly. No, she was more prissy-sounding than me. Well. Whatever. Really nice, with an small inadvertant strange stumbling quality to the rhythm that comes from my father’s side of the family. Entrancing, really.
Now if Alan Rickman would just call me up, we could have the most beautiful of telephone

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@susanc I’m sure he’s dialing the phone right now; how could he resist?

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@janbb I’m waiting… oh I’m sooooo excited….. waiting. waiting waiting waiting

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I’m in definite agreement with those who enjoy the voices of Jeremy Irons and Alan Rickman, definite agreement. Also Richard Burton.

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Mmm, Hugh Laurie…

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I like to hear my boyfriend whisper in my ear while we are making love, the things he says just drives me crazy.

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@JohnPowell has a pretty sexy voice. I’m just saying.

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Removed by me

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I can think of many people that I consider to have attractive voices. First and foremost I love the sound of my partners voice.

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@MacBean English or American accent Hugh Laurie?

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@ParaParaYukiko His natural accent is my favorite, but I like his voice no matter how he’s speaking.

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and 2 more:

Michael Gambon

Timothy West


I like girls who have a nice feminine voice——delicate and soft, and on the quiet side. My wife’s voice is like that, but it’s not one of the main things that attracted me to her. On the other hand, my wife has always made a point that she liked my medium masculine sounding voice. She says it matches my look. Lol.

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I find many trained actors’ voices pleasing, but I also find myself increasingly annoyed by all the untrained voices of radio and TV personalities, company executives who do TV commercials, and politicians.

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Absolutely. I usually like the deeper voices.

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Mmm, currently obsessively rewatching BBC’s Sherlock and really enjoying this voice

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@MacBean – Re that voice: Oooh, well, hello!

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@aprilsimnel Mmm, and the face that goes with it isn’t too effin’ bad, either.


I find Karen Carpenter’s voice to be especially sensuous, romantic, and attractive. Other female singers sound too loud, tinny, and screechy for me.

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