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Do you think any band from Manchester will be as big as Oasis were?

Asked by varey14 (57points) February 22nd, 2010

After Oasis’ split, i was wondering if anyone from Manchester will ever be able to replace or top them within the next say 10 years. Do you think there’s any bands out there now (that are similar to Oasis) that could be just as good?

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Just as good, yes.

From Manchester? Maybe not.

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I am from the states but I often listen to Manchester Radio Online, which is a really great online station for music. I understand they are looking for local bands who may want air play and exposure. I imagine there is talent out there to be found, that may just be undiscovered as yet. My answer is, I hope so.

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Absolutely. There has been a long history of very successful bands from Manchester, including The Bee Gees, The Stone Roses, and The Smiths/Morrissey. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t another talent of their stature to come out of Manchester in the future. I’m drawing a blank on more current bands from Manchester, but I’m sure that there are some up-and-comers out there.

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I hear Davy Jones is making a comeback that could rival whatever Oasis achieved.

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I never did like Oasis. Give me Moz and the boys, though, please ‘n thanks.

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Do I think any band from Manchester will be as big as Oasis were? Yes.
Do I think any band from Manchester will be as good as Oasis were? No.

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Meh, I think Blur is better than Oasis, myself.

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Might want to add Joy Division to your list.

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all a matter of opinion of course per whether Oasis is good, whether new band is good, etc.
however, assuming Oasis is a solid band, why not?
Manchester is a big English city, which means lots of people which means more musicians than other cities. therefore the chance of having very talented musicians from manchester who succeed is higher than in many places, especially since you gave no time limit. so say Oasis is a band of quality that comes around once every 50 years from a city like Manchester (10 years for London), then in 50 years we get another Oasis, yes?

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Take That? They are bigger and better.

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