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How to stop antivirus 2010 pop-ups?

Asked by faye (17827points) February 22nd, 2010

In the last 2 days I have these pop-ups every 30 mins or so. I have microsoft security essentials that says my pc is clean. Everytime the pop-ups pop I say no, but back they come. I don’t think I need to uninstall them since I never agreed. I set my pop-up blocker to high but no good. Has anyone else had a problem?

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your pc is probably infected by a virus. Get another antivirus plus another antimalware. there are a few good ones that are free. There’s not one anti-virus software that can cover all the bad stuff that goes around.

You may have to install the new antimalware program in SafeMode. google malwarebytes and spybot and install/run them in SafeMode.

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yeah, your computer isn’t clean. You may have to pay someone to remove them all properly. I’ve always used NOD32 for my anti-virus/spyware, and have found it to be the most proactive defense against things like that.


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And I was told not to run more than one.

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@njnyjobs I’ve used NOD32 as my one program for all maleware, and it works great for me. I don’t use anything to supplement it.

@faye you’re not suppose to run more than one anti-virus program, but you can run others to supplement an anti-virus, like one that solely does spyware, but better than your anti-virus.

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Anivirus is different from Anti-malware/Anti-Spyware. I run AVG and Spybot together and use Malwarebytes once a week just to keep things in check.

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I always recommend getting PCtools (Antivirus / spam doctor). That has worked fantastically on my PC’s. I haven’t found an antivirus that works as well as that. Also, get a mac on your next major computer purchase. My mac hasn’t had one problem since i got it. It’s a wonderful piece of equipment.

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“Pretending to be an antispyware or antivirus tool: Some particularly nefarious spyware pretends to be an antispyware, antivirus or other security tool. These programs tell the user that they are defending against attack, while actually attacking the user, in a classic Trojan horse scenario.”

These are the worst and I’ve seen them increasing. Just shut down immediately if you get something like this.

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