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Which wine would you serve with franks & beans?

Asked by srmorgan (6740points) February 22nd, 2010

Strictly speculating ahead for next summer’s barbecue

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Tiger Rose or less facetiously, perhaps a sparkling white like Asti Spumante..

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With franks & beans at a barbecue? I’d go with beer, not wine.

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Two Buck Chuck, my friend. Also known as Charles Shaw, from Trader Joe’s. It seems fitting.

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Knowing your guests’ preference for adult beverages can help narrow down your selection. I’m not the one who will go out of my way to search for a vintage or an exotic bottle with the notion of impressing the guests.

I usually have the traditional mix of domestic and imported beers, chardonay, merlot and white zinfandel (in boxes)

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@Jennifries Yepper, my thought exactly

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The one that sounds like,“Oh,Man!Franks and Beans againnnnnn!??” or any from the Boonesfarm line of fine drain cleaners ;))

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A Zinfandel from California.

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I’d go with a little Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill.

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Beer, and not an expensive one. Miller, Bud, or something similar.
Potato Salad (add a little mustard to it).
Chicken wings, Fruit salad, Watermelon.
Keep it simple.

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Something smokey or spicy like a Shiraz, or maybe fruity like a Beaujolais. Any cheap Spanish red would also be perfect.

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Another vote for Zinfandel plus what @simpleD said.

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Well now, since the dish is a take on the traditional cassoulet from the Languedoc region of France, my first instinct would be to serve a Grenache driven Languedoc-Roussillon wine. Something young and mostly Grenache and Syrah.
But I’m guessing your franks and beans resembles cassoulet about as much as a tater tot resembles pommes paille. That’s not a bad thing. If you add lots of BBQ sauce or if your dish has a lot of tangyness, I’d suggest a light (inexpensive) Pinot Noir.

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Mad Dog 20/20 or Boones Farm…Both would go fab with some frank and beans.

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I was going to say Boons Farm, but then I thought of my grandma’s home made dandelion wine. That might work.

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I’m with the others who suggest serving beer, but hey it’s your barbecue :)

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“Franks and beans. Franks and beans.”

“Have you seen my baseball?”

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Are they all beef franks? Yes, nice red wine.

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What a genteel question!

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A box wine seems fitting to me..

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This is quite the conundrum, a hot outdoor barbeque says white wine or sangria to me, but franks and beans want a real red.

Breedmitch’s suggestion of Pinot Noir sounds appealing to me as well, but if it was my barbeque and the only food I was serving was franks and beans, I would definitely go with Shiner Bock, not wine.

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Look for an inexpensive Chilean wine. They are delicious.

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mmm. Shiner Bock

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I would opt for wine coolers until the ribs, chicken and brisket is done then break out the good stuff like ice cold wheat beer and margaritas!

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