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Things to do this week in London?

Asked by Kade13 (185points) February 22nd, 2010

My friend and I currently have this week off from work and require things to do to occupy our free time, Therefore i was wondering if anyone knows of anything interesting, fun or sociable to do around the London area. Just to narrow down the scope of things a little here are a few things we enjoy

Live Comedy

Museums/Tours or learning experiences that are interesting


Music Gigs/Shows

Would like to go watch something in a theatre, so any play that isn’t too convoluted would be great

Something of a classical nature, a rendition of a classical musical piece or ballet or show

Just anything fun where one can socialise with bunch of people

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You could tour the Tower of Lodon as well as visit Lodon Bridge.

Sorry. I had to.

Seriously, here is a site to check out.

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Oh – you kid!

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Give Lynne Blundell an early birthday kiss for me.

Jennifries's avatar The Victoria and Albert museum.
You’re also most welcome to fly to Ohio and take me with you… :D

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar


Those are great suggestions. Let’s hope the Lodon Fog isn’t too unpleasant.

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You want to take a look at lecool.

Enjoy! :)

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lecool? That’s a joke, right?

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The Chinese parade took place on chinese new year which was last weekend.

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Where’s Lodon?

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You’re looking for the lo-don on London?

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Sorry can’t believe that i didn’t notice that i missed the N in London in the title for the question..

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Can you have some Fish and Chips and a pint of Ale for me?

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@ChazMaz I did last week. Did you enjoy it?

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If I knew I would have. TY. :-)

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@AstroChuck – London Bridge is just a bridge. There’s nothing to tour. Now, the tour of Tower Bridge is lots of fun!

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@HungryGuy- You miss the joke. But that’s understandable considering the evil mods changed the spelling of the queston.

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@AstroChuck – Oh, yeah. I hate when the mods do that! They’ve done it to my questions once or twice. They once made me change the tags, which completely changed the whole subtle meaning of my question…

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@HungryGuy I thought that bridge fell down a looooong time ago! Like, when I was in elementary school!

HungryGuy's avatar

@Val123 – Nope. It’s still standing. Traffic crosses the Thames every day on it…

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@HungryGuy I know! I wuz jokin’. :)

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@HungryGuy I also know how the nursery rhyme came into being. Off the top of my head, they tried to burn the bridge down in the 1600’s or so…something like that.

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